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Below is a list of time related and based calculators, conversion charts, tables and converter programs available for online use. It is PROBABLY not the largest but is close to it; it may well be the most varied. Some of these are directly related to interest in various measurements of time and some are of indirect interest. Some are designed for business use.

Time (does anybody really know what time it is...) is such an interesting topic for society in general; there is never enough of it, or there is too much of it, depending on your point of view. Most of these programs and applets have been written for our specific needs (you will see many of them at various places on out site...) or those of our customers. Time was, the definition of time was your father's (or grandfather's) pocket watch, or the grandfather clock in the den. No so anymore... Some of these time related gems are interfaced to the atomic clock for the utmost in accuracy in keeping the NIST Official US Time, some use your local computer clock system for a pulse, several use our Internet server's clock for the time base, a few use other available Internet server time functions, while some just accumulate, display, convert and report time, in a timely fashion. We urge you to take the time to look them over; several do similar things with differences in entry or accumulation properties. If you are looking at these just because you have an interest in time (or you are just killing time...), we suggest that you also look (assuming that you have the time to do it) in our glossary at items such as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and Zulu Time, for example. We stay pretty busy but we always have the time to accept comments or suggestions you may have; we try to personally respond to each and every comment or inquiry. If you plan to look over more than a few of our time related pages, take the time to look over some equations, notes and definition information as it applies to most of the time related pages on our site. For a separate menu of ONLY time display applications, see our time display menu. If you want to use some of the time routines used in our time pages, please look at our Time Subroutines And Snippets Source Code For Converters and Calculators for FREE time related source code. Time To Enjoy!

9-11 Count Up Calculator

ONLY Calendar, Day and Date Converters and Calculators

ONLY Time Display Converters and Calculators

ONLY Timer Display Converters and Calculators

Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Converters and Calculators

CSG's Online Calculator - General Math
12 - 24 Hour User Selectable Time Clock Display
4 Bit Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) Clock Display
Abacus Display Clock
Online Alarm Clock Display
Online Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display
Online Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display With Seconds
Online Multiple Alarm Clock Display
Online Multiple Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display
Online Multiple Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display With Seconds
Online Event Time Add Display
Online Simple Alarm Clock Display
Online Simple Alarm Clock Display With Seconds
Age Weighted Sample - Chronological Age Calculator
Annual Display Calendar - A Year At A Glance
Back Porch Close To Time Conversation Non-Standard Standard Calculator
Back To The Future Calculator
Bar Code Clock
Full Binary Clock Display
Simple Binary Clock Display
Biorhythm Calculator
Calendar Converter And Translator
Calendar Date And Time To Julian Day And Sidereal Times
Chron Time Display Calculator
Convenient Time Calculator
Conventional Time To Decimal Time Calculator
Daily Time Card Calculator
A Day In Time Calculator
Day Of The Week Calculator
Days Between Dates Calculator
Days Between Dates Calculator For Business
Decimal Minutes Calculator
Decimal Minutes Converter
Decimal Time Clock Display
Decimal Time To Conventional Time Calculator
Digital Valentine Display Clock
Digital Valentine Display Countdown Timer
Dime Time Clock Converter
DST Old And New Rules And Dates
Easter Calculator And Converter
Finger Sign Language Display Clock
Fractional Time Converter
Friday The 13th Display Calculator
GPS Time Display Converter
GPS Weekly Time Converter
Hebrew Date Display Calculator
Hexadecimal Time Display Calculator
Hours And Minutes Calculator
CSG International Clock
Internet Time Converter
Internet Time Calculator
ISO 8601 Time Standard
Julian To Current Day and Date Calculator
Julian Modified (MJD) Day Converter
Julian Truncated (TJD) Day Converter
Calendar Date To Julian Date And Time Calculator
Calendar Date To And From Julian Date And Time Calculator
Calendar Date And Time From Julian Date Calculator
A Different Approach To Time Zone Calculations
KerMetric Time Display Calculator
Leap Year Calculator
Simulated LED Digital Clock
Simulated LED Combination Digital Countdown Timer and Clock
Simulated Nixie Tube Digital Clock
Simulated Nixie Tube Combination Digital Countdown Timer and Clock
Long and Short Multi-Real Time Display Clock Calculator
Loran Time Display Converter
Metric Decimal Clock Display
Metric Time Display Calculator
Metric Percentage Time Display Calculator
Monthly Display Perpetual Calendar
Multi-Base Real Time Display Clock Calculator
Multiple Clocks Display
Multi-Real Time Display Clock Calculator
Multi-Binary Display Time Calculator
Multi-function Calendar
Multiple Time Display Converter
New Earth Time Clock
New Earth Time Comparison Calculator
New Earth Only Time Display Calculator
New Earth Time Display Calculator
Octal Time Display Calculator
Online Visual Timer Alarm Clock Display
Rainbow Digital Clock Display
Reverse Birthday Calculator
RFC 1123 Time Display
RM Time (RMT) Display
Roman Numeral Time Display Calculator
Seasonal Calculated Astronomical Time Changes
Simple Julian And Gregorian Calendar Converter
SNTP Time Service Local
Special Time Countup Display
Specific Date Calculator
Standard Reverse Time Display Calculator
Standard Time To UNIX Timestamp Calculator
Stardate Time Format Display Calculator
STime Display
Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight Lunar Calculator
TAI Time Display Converter
TDT Time Display Converter
TenTime Display Converter
Time And Clock Accuracy Calculator
Time Addition & Subtraction of Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds
Time Bar Display
Time Between Times Calculator
Time Between Times Calculator - Multiple Days
Time Vertical Bar Display
Time Alternative Dot Display
Time Dot Display
Time In Days Between Calculator
Time Designation Converter
Time Calculator
Timer WebCast Player
Time, Speed and Distance Calculator
Time Values Converter
Time Zone Converter
Time Zone Information Table
Time Zone Offset Calculations
Unit Time Converter
Units Converter Table
Universal Time Zone (UTZ) Proposed Clock
Unix Epoch And Standard Time Converter
Standard Time To UNIX Timestamp Calculator
UTC Time Display
UTC/GMT Clock Calculator With Manual Display Local Time
UTC Time Format Display
VCR Universal World Time Display Calculator
Virtual World Time Zones Table
World City and Time Zone Display
World Time Zone Digital Display Clock
World Time Zone Digital Drop Down Clock
World Time Zone Analog Drop Down Clock
WRLD.time Display Calculator

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The formulae information and subsequent results of all of our converters, calculators and tables is accurate to the best of our knowledge, though we cannot guarantee it. Use it at your own risk.

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