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In order to reduce the load on the server and also reduce bandwidth traffic, we have modified our original display so that the clock is based on our server clock, no longer the U. S. Naval Observatory Atomic Clock.

This converter, courtesy of Swatch, determines the time in ".beats" (as opposed to other means of time such as minutes and seconds in the time zones established in the UTC system), the measurement for time in the Internet time scale, devised by the international timepiece giant, Swatch. Biel MeanTime (BMT) is the universal name designated for Internet Time. There is no differing method for accumulation of time after one day of 1000 .beats. A day in Internet Time begins at midnight BMT, which is @000 Swatch .beats, Central European Wintertime. The meridian, dedicated and initiated on October 23, 1998, is marked for all to see on the facade of the Swatch International Headquarters on Jakob-Staempfli Street, Biel, Switzerland. So, according to Swatch, it is the same time all over the world, be it night or day, the era of time zones has disappeared. Will this actually take effect and have an impact on the world? We doubt it; (as of Easter 2006, this has had NO significant impact on world time systems) however we doubted the stock market would crash in 2001 also. There are other time systems proposed that actually are far more logical and far less commercial. Only time will tell...

A different methodology and view is available in our International Time Display. This is a real-time display with no user input functions. To see a different view of similar conversions, try our GMT and Internet Time Converter. You can also view our International Time Zone Map. See all of our time calculators and converters here. This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers.

Below is a conversion of .beat units to conventional time and designations of conventional time to .beat units. There is also a current time in Swatch .beats, Internet Time, worldwide. Below that is our calculator to let you see what any time since conception, has been or will be through 2008. Enter your continent, and closest location for a time zone, then enter the time you desire converted to Internet time, or the Internet Time you desire converted to conventional time. Click on the arrow.

BMT Standard Time Conversions

DesignationConversion ToDesignationConversion To
1 .beat0.001 day1 day1000 .beats
1 .beat0.024 hours1 hour41.666 .beats
1 .beat1.44 minutes1 minute0.6944 .beats
1 .beat86.4 seconds1 second0.01157 .beats

Current Worldwide BMT

International Time Converter

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