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Below is a list of math subroutines, routines, snippets and supporting source code based on potential usage in calculators, conversion charts and converter programs. All of the source files listed on this page can be used freely but we would like to have credit for the code. Unless otherwise noted, that is NOT the case for the balance of our site; unless stated otherwise, the content on our site is copyrighted material. We have written these or provided these source code files for educational purposes and convenience. We have provided these due to the *THOUSANDS* of requests for programming help that we get. It is our contention that these files will answer 99% of the questions we get. You may need to do a little manual looking to find what you need but we feel that having seen a large cross section of questions over the years, these will resolve most problems. Following in that same pattern, we also do not have the time to help with programming projects that may stem from use of this code. We offer it free of charge but assume no liability for the use of it. We hope that you can get some help and education from these. We urge you to take the time to learn what each file does rather than just use it. (Click here for more details about using our snippets, source code, free converters and free calculators.) Some are written only as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. Stop in frequently as this list will be ongoing. What we have presented is probably not the ONLY way to accomplish the task; it is probably one of many and perhaps not the best for your need. It is however, A way. We have made no effort to clean these routines to be presentable; in fact in some cases, you may need to view the source code in order to use them as there may be no screen display. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have. We also have a list of helpful math converters and calculators; they are user friendly for every day use. Finally, if you are a student and you are having any sort of difficulty with your Texas Instruments calculator or just need to learn a little more about how to use it in a targeted course, we urge you to visit what I think is a truly spectacular site created by TI, the TI Education Portal. Inside the text of the source code, there are instructions so that you can cut and paste. Contact us if you would like to see a specific calculator that would help with some math function. Enjoy!

Area Calculators, Converters and Routines
Specialized Math Routines

Aspect Ratio Calculator
Advanced Calculator
Bayes Mean Rule
Bayes Proportion Rule
Beta Area Calculator
Beta Percetile Calculator
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator
Basic GPA (Grade Point Average) Calculator
ChiSquare 1
ChiSquare 2
Circle Formulae
Circumference Of An Ellipse
Common Integers Calculator
Complex Units Converter
Compound Interest Calculator
Compound Interest Trainer
Cosine Angle Calculator
Decimal To Percent Calculator
Distance, Speed And Time Formulae
Expression Resolution
Factored Pairs
Fibonacci Numbers
Fractional Math - Multiplication
Fractional Math - Addition
Fractional Math - Division
Fractional Math - Subtraction
Fraction Calculator
Fraction Maker
Fraction Reduce
GPA Calculator
Grams and Ounces Converter
Greatest Common Factor
Kinetic Energy
Least Common Multiple - Greatest Common Divisor
Normal Percentile
Percent Change Gain or Loss
PI Generator
PI Usage Calculators
Polygon Angles
Pressure Conversions
Prime Factors
Prime Number
Prism Surface Area
Probability 1
Probability 2
Probability Z
Pythagorean Theorem
Quadratic Equation - Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equation - Real Numbers
Rounding Routine
Rounding Routine 2
Rounding Routine 3
Rounding Routine 4
Rounding Routine Tester
Rounding Simple Routine
Running Math Total
Sides Of A Right Triangle
Simple Interest Calculator
Trigonometry Ratios Calculator
Pounds and Kilograms Weight Converter
Pounds, Grams and Kilograms Weight Converter

Other Free Snippets, Calculators and Converters

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