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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator determines the three states of human efficiency, based on the biorhythm theory. That theory takes into consideration the aspects of physical, emotional and intellectual status and is based on the number of days since your birth. The physical biorhythm aspect indicates the power of resistance of your organism, your reflex, function of your digestion system and other organs; it also is an indicator of physical dexterity and coordination. It cycles once every 23 days. The emotional biorhythm aspect indicates your feeling, mood, sensitivity, creativity and nerve system. It cycles once every 28 days. The intellectual biorhythm aspect indicates the general mental capability, concentration, memory, ambition, caution, logical and analytical function of a human being. It cycles once every 33 days. The fluctuation of the human biorhythm is similar to that of a sine wave with a cycle effect of being equally above and below a center line or zero line. Days below that point are considered passive, those above it are considered as active and those on or near centerline are considered as critical. Generally, a critical day is one where the cycle center 3 days for physical, 4 days for emotional and 5 days for intellectual are at or near the median center line. In our chart, P is for physical, E is for emotional and I is for intellectual. In the event that two or all three paths cross at a given point, an * will be on the chart at that point. To graph your chart, enter your date of birth in DD, MM, YYYY format. Then enter the beginning point of the chart your desire. The time period will be about 35 days to allow a full cycle for each aspect. Click on Begin Graph. The chart will indicate passive on the left, critical in the middle and active status on the right. The number of days indicated is from birth to the first day of the chart.

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