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      Above is a list of grouped calculators, online apps, conversion charts, informational tables and converter programs available for use. Each group leads to menu driven specific listings within that group, where you can find a wide variety of calculators for different uses, such as dieting, evaluating mortgage payments, and many other uses. (This section of our site does NOT include search engines or specific help to find other sites, unless it relates DIRECTLY to the page it is on. Our own search engine for our site is at the bottom of this information.) Many, if not most, of our calculators and converters require the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Often, there will be links within the information or instructions that lead to definitions in our award winning glossary, to other sections of our site or directly to the appropriate related Internet site. Links within the pages of this section that are internal to the CSGNetwork domain are highlighted bold and underlined while external links are just underlined, to comply with the generally accepted (but unwritten) policies of Internet presentation procedures. This section of information is provided as a service to the general public by CSGNetwork and the advertisers listed on the pages. (We screen advertisers so that the products, services and values they present, are like or similar to our own. We suggest you visit them, try the products and services, and let us know how you feel about them.) If you have suggestions for new entries, changes or corrections, please feel free to convey them to us using the suggestion page. Please be aware that much to our delight, this section of our site is very heavily traveled by Internet surfers and information seekers. There is a tremendous amount of information here. Though we have excellent bandwidth, there are times when these pages load slowly, especially if you are on a slower dial-up connection. Please be patient. We have written these or provided these for educational purposes and convenience of our visitors. Some are written as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. We suggest that if you find such a page that you will use often, bookmark it for future use. Now the legal things our attorneys make us put in here...

      Much of the information in our tables and charts is from public domain or government informational sources. It is NOT copyrighted and you may freely use the information as you wish. The method of display is however proprietary. If you wish to use it, as we have presented it, in written materials, other Internet websites, on Intranets, or if you are a for-profit educational facility, please contact us. We will want to know what you want to use, where and for what purpose. If you are a public school, accredited college or university, church based school, non-profit educational facility or home school organization, we will probably authorize you to use our materials but we would appreciate a link and/or credit for it. If you are such an organization and wish to link to us, you may do so without asking. We happen to believe that the sharing of information and knowledge is the foundation for this country. The calculators, converters, apps and scripts (more than 5,000 of all flavors) are an effort of ours for the public in general. Many are based on public domain software (of various computer languages) but have been reworked entirely by us for the Internet. Some have been given to us by others in order to fix them or make them work, with the understanding that we have rights to them. Most are from scratch by us. If you wish to use them, please contact us; if the calculator, converter, script or app is in one of our Snippets directories, we ENCOURAGE you to view the source code and take it if you wish to use it (please see the details). Others wishing to link to us, we will probably allow the link, assuming that it is not planned for an adult content site or one promoting values that we do not accept. If you license one of our scripts, we require acknowledgment and a link, as well as the license fee. (Our scripts, in one form or another are on thousands of sites, educational networks and Intranets, worldwide.) However, if we find our content on your site and we have not granted permission and it is not licensed, we will pursue legal action. That's how our attorneys make their living... Also, please see our disclaimer statement. I think all the legalese is complete!

last updated 7/27/11
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