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This calculator requires the use ofJavascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to be a fully functional digital midi (using a .mid file) alarm clock that you can set to any time you like, AM or PM, YOUR local time. While it may not be the cheapest clock in the world (computer, internet service, etc.), if you have set your computer's time to the Atomic Clock, it may well be the most accurate! As long as you leave the computer on, allow popups, select audible alarm, click on Set Alarm and have an Internet connection, you do not have to change anything; the default .mid file should wake up anyone with common sense! (If you do NOT select audible alarm, a popup will notify you that the alarm time has been reached.) By the way, as you can see, the default time is 5:00 AM. You may change that if you like by clicking on the hour and minutes settings (no need really to change the seconds unless you are THAT KIND of person! Also select PM if that is the case.) If you wish to use it locally, download this file and change the name of the MIDI (.mid) file to something on YOUR computer. You can turn the monitor off. Be sure to test this so that you have your computer sound system volume set adequately for your own needs. If you oversleep, don't tell your boss that it was our fault! This has been tested on IE versions 5.5 and up, FF3.5, Safari4, NS9 and Chrome2. See our less technically intense version, Online Simple Alarm Clock Display, or for alert needs, our Online Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display, when you have time!

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