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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. With this calculator you can determine on what date a specific day of the week occurs, for instance the third Sunday of April on or after the 15th. The calculator does not check the legality or validity of the entry, so entering data should be done carefully. Current years are 4-digit numbers (YYYY), not 2 digit numbers (YY). The calculator works for the current Gregorian calendar in the years of 1800 through 2200.

Calculate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or in certain cases the 5th, or the last day of a certain month in a certain year. (For instance, the third Thursday or 2nd Tuesday of the month.) That can be refined further as the first Friday after the 12th of the month, as an example. To do that, enter an offset day after or before which the counting should start. The offset day is included in the counting if it is the selected day. An offset day has no effect if the last weekday (of a month) is selected; in other words the last is the last no matter what. If for example, the last Sunday On Or Before the 5th of the month is needed, select the first Sunday, On Or Before day 5. It is also possible to select Before or After instead of On Or Before, On Or After. The calculator will span a month before or after under the right conditions of meeting a before or after criteria to make you aware your chosen criteria is beyond the capability of the possible choices.

We suggest that you try several trial situations to test how your understanding of the calculator is in realtionship to how it actually works. Use our DHTML Perpetual Gregorian Calendar, or Monthly Display Perpetual Calendar or our Multi-function Calendar to verify your assumptions. Enjoy!

Specific Days Of The Week, Month and Year
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