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New Earth Time Display

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This creates and displays the time in two standard formats, local time and UTC; the New Earth Time (or NET as it is known) representation display is last. New Earth Time divides the day into 360 degrees. The NET day is universal across the world. Each degree is 4 minutes; each hour has 15 degrees. NET is a proposed universal time system based on the numeric history of a 360/60/60 relationship with navigation and ancient time standards. The logic is that this would be a coexisting time standard for the Internet while other conventional standards COULD be used in the every day functions of the world. The creators of this proposed standard state openly acceptance is a long 'time' away! You can see more about it from the creators of the idea at New Earth Time, conveniently awaiting your arrival at HTTP://WWW.NEWEARTHTIME.NET. A slightly different "manually updated display" is available for study and comparison.

New Earth Time Display

Version 1.7.2

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