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Online Simple Alarm Clock Display With Seconds

This calculator requires the use ofJavascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to be a fully functional sound executing (using YOUR sound file located on YOUR computer) alarm clock that you can set to any time you like, based on YOUR local time. If you select music on YOUR system, this does not create a load on bandwidth since both your browser and the music are local. While it may not be the cheapest clock in the world, if you have set your computer's time to the Atomic Clock, it may well be the most accurate! It is also very simple, so if you are not a "techie", don't be "alarmed" at the instructions. Three clicks to set the alarm and time; then select the sound you want. That is all you are required to do. As long as you leave the computer on, select alarm ON (the default is OFF), click on Set Alarm and set that time, you don't even need an Internet connection at alarm time if you have selected an alarm sound on your local computer. Settings are in 24-hour format. Midnight is 00:00 and noon is 12:00. By the way, as you can see, the default time for young people and is set to NOON! You will probably want to change that by clicking on the hour and minutes settings. Select the sound that you want by clicking on Browse to select local music (any local music or sound that works on your system). I particularly like Berlin and Take My Breath Away. Typically that music is played locally by the Windows Media Player on Windows systems but it is really based on the associated file sounds player on your system. If no alarm sound file is chosen, the online system default sound will activate the alarm (which will activate you...)! You MUST have an Internet connection for the default alarm sound. The clock window MUST BE OPEN for the alarm to work (however, it does NOT need to be the active window)! If you wish to use the snooze feature, select a number of minutes and go back to sleep; by default it is OFF (Snooze - You Lose). You can also use the Snooze feature as a quick alert, no matter what the alarm time is to for. Simply click the alarm "ON button and click how many minutes (1 to 9) before you wish to be alerted; it will alert you in that many minutes. (Be sure you have a sound file chosen or that you desire to have the default if activated. You won't know what the default is until you hear it...) You can turn the monitor off if the light bothers you. Be sure to test this so that you have your computer sound system volume set adequately for your own needs. If you oversleep, don't tell your boss that it was our fault! This has been tested on IE versions 5.5 and up (see special note below). See our Online Alarm Clock Display, or for alert needs, our Online Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display or our Online Multiple Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display, when you have time! Alarm Off turns off the sound, turns off the alarm condition but retains the chosen sound file; Clear Values resets all conditions to the initial settings. If you want to change the alarm time after it has been previously set, be sure to click on Alarm On again to allow the system to know that you have intentionally made a change. Please Note: This version (by request), displays the Local System Clock Time in Hours and Minutes (as does the standard version) and also displays seconds. The alarm match is ONLY based on minutes.


This application only works in IE5.5 and higher browsers. In higher browsers such as 7+ and 8, the security settings by default are designated at Medium High in the Internet zone. This will NOT work at that level. You MUST either configure your security simply at Medium or go through the 40 or so options to configure it as a Custom security level. (The security issue is that YOU are selecting a tune or sound on YOUR computer to execute at a given time.) We have been told that other modern browsers do work with this application with several "add in options". I have not been able to make that happen and I suggest that if you want to use it, use IE...

Your Local System Clock Time Alarm On Alarm Off
Set Alarm Time
Select Alarm Sound Set Snooze/Alert Time For Minutes

Updated: 9/12/11

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