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Unix Epoch And Standard Time Converter

This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script allows a simple but effective local time conversion between the UNIX epoch time and standard date and time. The times indicated in the boxes are the local times at the time of the page load. They are not running time. Select the time desired for the conversion in either the standard time area to convert to UNIX epoch date and time stamp; or enter the date and time stamp, epoch time, in that field. Click on the appropriate convert button and read the result in the last field of the display. Also see our handy individual converters to convert from standard time to UNIX time or to standard time from Unix timestamp.

Select a normal local date and time, - OR -
New Date And Time
Enter a UNIX epoch date and time stamp
New Epoch Time Stamp Value
Result of Conversion
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Version 5.0.4

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