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Moon Phases

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This is a display of the graphic capability of Javascript, in a unique manner. The graphics represent the lunar cycle and the general phase of the moon in appearance.

Some versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer and other browsers that are older may require users to manually type in the year and click Calculate. The phases of the moon, starting with the previous full moon, will be displayed showing three months. The calculations are relative to GMT (often called UTC, though technically not the same), and corrected for your local Time Zone (based on the time settings for your computer). However, you may manually adjust the offset if needed. If you would like to convert any GMT to your local time, please use our Time Zone Converter or our Time Zone Information Table. You may also set a different day, time and year for the calculations and display. The results shown are very close, but are approximate at best. If you wish to start over, click on Reset Values for the initialization of the program.

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