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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script calculates the date for Easter in any chosen calendar year, and converts from the Western Civilizations Gregorian calendar to the Julian calendar and the Orthodox calendar. If you happen to be in the area of Palm Springs, CA, at Easter, please consider a visit to fellowship at Desert Chapel.

The US Naval Observatory has a wonderful page on the web that explains the intricacies of how the date for the annual Christian celebration of Easter is determined each year; it also shows (obviously) how difficult it is to calculate. Other conversions and translations are forthcoming by us for future years. You might also be interested in our Life's Future Calculator. There is a small table below the calculator for future planning of Easter and Ash Wednesday, and there is a table for Easter related feasts, before and after Easter. Here is Christian information about Easter, and a source of more general information about Easter. Click here to view the Desert Chapel website. Paster Fred Donaldson and the staff of Desert Chapel would love to hear from you and invite you for fellowship there.

Your local time is displayed at the top of the calculator; the current year is plugged into the calculator at the startup. The current values for Easter for all three calendars are calculated. You may change the year and recalculate; you may also clear all values but be sure to put in a new year before clicking on Calculate again. If you just want the date and nothing more, click here for our Quick Easter Date Calculator, or here for our Gregorian Easter Date Calculator!!

Your Local Time
Required Data Entry

Calculated Results
Gregorian Calendar
Julian Calendar
Early Civilization

Year Ash Wednesday Easter Sunday
Past Years
1998 Feb 25 Apr 12
1999 Feb 17 Apr 4
2000 Mar 8 Apr 23
2001 Feb 28 Apr 15
2002 Feb 13 Mar 31
2003 Mar 5 Apr 20
2004 Feb 25 Apr 11
2005 Feb 9 Mar 27
2006 Mar 1 Apr 16
2007 Feb 21 Apr 8
2008 Feb 6 Mar 23
2009 Feb 25 Apr 12
2010 Feb 17 Apr 4
Current Year
2011 Mar 9 Apr 24
Future Years
2012 Feb 22 Apr 8
2013 Feb 13 Mar 31

Feasts Related to Easter
Days Before EasterDays after Easter
Septuagesima63Rogation Sunday35
Ash Wednesday46Pentecost49
Palm Sunday7Trinity Sunday56
Good Friday2Corpus Christi60

Updated 8.17.11

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