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DST Old And New Rules And Dates

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. With this quick calculator you can determine on what date DST in the US and Europe, starts and ends. This steps back in the US also to time the previous transitions (pre-2007 rules) and the current ones for DST (Summer Time) and Standard Time (Winter Time) in both Europe and the USA.

For verification of dates, use our DHTML Perpetual Gregorian Calendar, or Monthly Display Perpetual Calendar or our Multi-function Calendar as tools. Enjoy!

Date And Time Of DST
Required Entry
Year (1800-2200)
RegionDate (mm-dd-yyyy)Local Time
Europe (zone CET)Start 02:00
End 03:00
United States
Before 2007 Rules
Start 02:00
End 02:00
United States
With 2007 Rules
Start 02:00
End 02:00

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