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Below is a list of our top used free online apps. This list is not all of our apps, but a small portion of the most popular apps we have. The majority of these are directly related to interest in the home and every day family life. These apps work great on most smartphone mobile browsers, so bookmark them on your phone. We have written these or provided these for educational purposes and convenience. Some are written as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have. These apps do require the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Enjoy!

Centimeters To Feet And Inches App
Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion App
GPS Latitude and Longitude App
Incline Decline Grade App
Lottery Number Apps
Master Unit Converion App
PSI-KPA Pressure App
Percents App
Percent Change App
Pregnancy App
Oil / Fuel Effeciency App
Resistor Color Code App
The Right Triangle App
Time, Speed and Distance App
The Ultimate Lottery Odds App
Voltage Drop App

last updated 5/20/11

The formulae information and subsequent results of all of our converters, calculators and tables is accurate to the best of our knowledge, though we cannot guarantee it. Use it at your own risk.

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