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This calculator requires the use of JavaScript enabled and capable browsers. This is a handy and useful device for desk-bound computer users all over the world. Many have corporate, business, educational, recreational, political or personal WebCasts or Webinars scheduled at a given time. For one reason or another, many forget to start the URL for the WebCast. This will launch any Internet URL for you at a scheduled time, within the same 24 hour timeframe.

Cut and paste the URL that you wish to open into the URL box. (If you wish to use this to awaken you as does an alarm clock, the default URL will do that at whatever time you set.) Then set the appropriate time that YOU wish to open the page on the Set Launch line, using hours, minutes and seconds in the drop down boxes. The current time for YOUR computer is shown on the line above and is the data used for the matching of launch time. Finally, click on the "Set Launch Time" button. Positive indication that the time is set is that the scheduled times boxes and launch button will become inactive. Keep the window open but it is not required that it be the fore-front window. You may click on the Clear Vales button to start over by setting the launcher to not activated and to default values.

See our Online Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display, Online Multiple Audible Alert Timer/Clock Display (if you need more than one alert function), our Online Alarm Clock Display, or the less technically intense version, Online Simple Alarm Clock Display, when you have time... Time is fleeting!

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Computer Time
Set Launch
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Cut and Paste URL of WebCast or Desired Internet Page to Launch

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