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Below is a list of aviation based calculators, conversion charts and converter programs available for use. Some of these are directly related to the aviation community and some are of indirect interest. We have written these or provided these for educational purposes and convenience. Some are written as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have. Enjoy! If your interests include hearing some live ATC communications, you can indulge yourself here. Some of these aviation abbreviations and acronyms might be helpful. Here is the current NOAA aviation weather. Here is the current European aviation weather.

These are some of the most helpful aviation databases available on the Internet. Please also visit our specific aircraft type pages, our listing of aircraft manufacturers, our aviation related links and various aviation publications.

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Aviation Information Links

Aeronautical (And Nautical) Chart Scales And Miles Calculator
Aircraft Turbine Engine Cost Model Calculator
Aircraft Turn Information Calculator
Aircraft Type Identification
Airflow Calculator
Airframe Cost Model Calculator
Airport Informational Marking Legend
Virtual Altimeter Setting Calculator
Angle Calculator And Converter
Atmospheric Conversions
Atmospheric Sound Absorption Calculator

Aviation And Satellite Navigation/Position Calculators

Aviation And Marine Weather Sources

Aviation Barometer Converter Table
Aviation Density Altitude Calculator
Aviation E6B Computer Emulator
Aviation Fuel Savings Calculator
Aviation Speed And Distance Converter
Aviation Runway Crosswind Calculator
Aviation Weather Calculators
Bermuda Dunes, CA Area Airport Information
Aviation Carburetor CFM Calculator
Celsius and Fahrenheit Conversion Details
Cloud Altitude Calculator
Cost To Get A Pilot's License Calculator
Cumulus Cloud Base Calculator
Decimal Degrees And Radians Calculator
Individual Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, Radians And Decimal Degrees Calculators
Density Altitude Calculator
Distances Between Longitude And Latitude Points
Distances Between Longitude And Latitude Positions
Engine Compression Ratio Calculator
Aviation Hourly Fuel Consumption Calculator
Fuel Injector Flow Rate Calculator
Fuel Volume Calculator
Flow Rate Converter
Flying Distances Between North American Airports Calculator
Flying Distances Between World Airports Calculator
Flying Distances From Desert Area Airports Calculator
Flying Distances To Desert Area Airports Calculator
Aviation Glide Ratio Calculator
GPS Latitude and Longitude Converter
Legal Fuel Load Values Calculator
Mach One Calculator
Mapping Scale Converter
Meteorology Conversion Factors Table

Metric Capable Calculators, Converters and Tables

Minutes, Seconds And Decimal Degrees Calculator
Model Airplane Life Size Scale Calculator
Model Airplane Scale Converter
Monthly Display Perpetual Calendar
Nautical And Statute Mile Converter
Octane Information And Calculator
Palm Springs, CA Area Airport Information
Pressure Altitude Calculator
Pressure Altitude to Density Altitude Conversion Table
Pressure Conversion Table
Pump PSI Calculator
Speed Of Sound Converter
Station Pressure Calculator
Straight Line Flight Distance Calculator
Surface Area Calculator
Sunrise, Sunset and Twilight Lunar Calculator
Temperature Converter
Thermal, CA Area Airport Information
Time Designation Converter
Unit Time Converter
Time Zone Converter
Time, Speed and Distance Calculator
A Different Approach To Time Zone Calculations
True Airspeed Calculator
True Airspeed Calculator VIA GPS
Vapor Pressure Calculator
Volume Calculator

Weight And Balance Calculators

Wind Chill Calculator

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