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Below is a list of everyday use, household functional calculators, conversion charts and converter programs available for use. The majority of these are directly related to interest in the home and every day family life; they generally do not fall into the other categories. We have written these or provided these for educational purposes and convenience. Some are written as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have. Enjoy!

CSG's Online Calculator - General Math

How Do I - Converters and Calculators

Cooking Liquid And Dry Measure Conversion Tables
Bed Sizes Chart (US)
Bed Sizes Chart (Metric)
Coffee Cost Calculator
Cooking Measure Converter
Cooking Volume and Measurements Converter
Cost Of Raising a Child Calculator
CSG's Area Calculator
Cubits Converter and Ark Size Calculator
Dinner Meat Weight Calculator
Drink Water Out Cost Calculator
Easter Calculator And Converter
Emergency Water Purification Calculator
Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator
Hard Boiled Egg Audible Alert Timer
Human Water Requirement Calculator
Interactive Guitar Chord Calculator
Laundry At Home Or Laundromat Cost Calculator
Kitchen Conversion Tables
Lottery Number Selectors For Various Games
The Ultimate Lottery Odds Calculator
Master Unit Converter
Medium Boiled Egg Audible Alert Timer
Men's Clothing Conversion

Metric Capable Calculators, Converters and Tables

Minutes, Seconds And Decimal Degrees Calculator
Model Railroad Life Size Scale Calculator
Model Railroad Scale Converter
Monthly Display Perpetual Calendar
Multi-Data US, Metric And Imperial Converter
Number Average Calculator
Oven Temperature Difference Calculator
Pack Your Lunch Cost Calculator
Percentage Proportion Calculator
Photography Depth Of Field Calculator -Metric
Photography Depth Of Field Calculator -US Entry
Photography Alternative Depth Of Field-Metric,US
Printable GPA Calculator
Quick Easter Date Calculator
Rainfall Depth Converter
Ratio Proportion Calculator
Ring Size Converter
Screw Sizes and Conversions Table
Shoe Size Converter
Soft Boiled Egg Audible Alert Timer
State Of Birth By Social Security Number
Standing Prime Rib Dinner Calculator
Tap Water Bottled Water Cost Calculator
Telephone Services Provider Comparison Calculator
Test Grade Percentage Calculator
Turkey Dinner Calculator
Turkey Cooking Time Calculator
Unit Converter Table
US Phone Area Codes By Location Table
US Phone Area Codes By Number Table
US Phone Special Area Codes By Number Table
UV Index EPA Calculator
Water Consumption Calculator
Wind Chill Calculator
Women's Clothing Conversion
Zip Code Lookup

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The formulae information and subsequent results of all of our converters, calculators and tables is accurate to the best of our knowledge, though we cannot guarantee it. Use it at your own risk.

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