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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This creates and displays the time in the WRLD.time format (no... it is not spelled wrong), as opposed to other conventional displays. This proposed idea, originated by Jonathan Jay, is one of many based on the metric system. The official WRLD.time definition states that a day is divided into 100 measures and a measure is divided into 100 beats; that yields 1000 beats in a day. (In our display, we have also divided the beats into tenths to make the changes readily visible.) That general metric time philosophy, often termed Universal Metric Time (UMT), divides the day into 100 (or 1000) equal portions, eliminates time zones and DST. (The UMT date is also displayed on the status line of the browser and the current local time and date is below the WRLD.time for comparison.) The philosophy behind it is that we are a decimal based society, for the most part, and that a decimal time system would make life easier. I can see the logic in that. Though the division is in 100ths, as opposed to Swatch Beats, which are 1000ths, the basic philosophy is similar and is metric. See our Swatch Internet Time Converter and Display page for more information on that scenario.

While the idea has not gained great support, it may. Please visit
WRLD.time Clock Display

Updated 6.07.11

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