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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script allows entry of a daily time card information set, specifically an Ending Time and a Starting Time. Enter a value in hours and minutes (and seconds if you like details...), based on a 24 hour clock (examples 00 = 12:00 midnight for start, 03 = 3:00 am, 12 = 12:00 noon, 17 = 5:00 pm, 24 = 12:00 midnight for end) that is the "clock out time", then click on Ending Time. Do the same for the "clock in time", then click on Starting Time. (Will it still work if you do the entry backwards? Yes, but why do it backwards?) The actual number of hours, minutes and seconds is calculated and displayed. The Add Time button will add to the total, the number of hours, minutes and seconds in the entry boxes. (Some shifts give "bonus hours", for instance some graveyard shifts work 6 hours, get paid for 8 hours.) The Deduct Time button will deduct the values in the boxes from the total. (Deduct for lunch, dinner or similar.) The Zero Entries button will clear the values ONLY from the entry boxes but the Clear Values button clears ALL the values, including the running total.

An example of a punch in at 8:00 am and punch out at 5:00 pm is: Hours = 17, click Ending Time; Hours = 8, click Starting Time. That will display 9:0:0, indicating 9 hours worked. However, if a 30 minute lunch was taken, click Zero Entries, then enter 30 in the minutes box and click Deduct Time. The new value displayed is 8:30:0, indicating 8 hours, 30 minutes worked.

An example of a shift spanning from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am is done in two steps. They are: Hours = 24, click Ending Time; Hours = 22, click Starting Time. That will display 2:0:0. Then, click Zero Entries followed by Hours = 6, click on Ending Time; Hours = 0, click on Starting Time. That will display 8:0:0, indicating a total of 8 hours. Although this is designed as a daily time card calculator, it will handle a span of one or more days in the total accumulator.

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Updated 8.12.11

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