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In the fields below, enter any combination of days, hours, minutes and seconds. Then click on either the Add or the Subtract actuators in order to process your request. You may then process another request that will either add to or subtract from, depending on your actuator choice, the already accumulated total. You may clear all fields and the totals by clicking on the Clear Values actuator. Only positive whole integer numbers are valid; all fractions entered will be disregarded. If you wish to subtract, use the Subtract actuator after entering a positive number. See more details below the calculator. We also have an add only time calculator for your use, similar in intent, but slightly different in operation and entry, if required to use it for special jobs.

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Total Time
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The factors for the above calculations are based on 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour and 24 hours per day. You may enter numbers larger than 2 digits in a designated entry field; for instance 100 minutes will accumulate as 1 hour and 40 minutes; 300 minutes as 5 hours. Fractions are ignored but the integer part of the number is considered valid. For instance 1.5 hours will accumulate as 1 hour. If you are looking to convert time instead of calculate it, or see the different time zones, try one of our other converters listed in the Time Converters and Calculators Menu below. You may also wish to try one or more of the others, similar in result, but for a specific job.

Updated: 6/11/11

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