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TenTime is a hybrid version of a metric function of time accounting. TenTime is a "calendar" and a "clock," which uses the base ten. It has the equivalent of conventional "weeks" consisting of the equivalent of ten "days", that are made up of ten "hours", called decimi, per day. As you would expect being metric based, hours are divided into tenths to further define the system. Instead of the well documented difficulties of converting "60 based" hours, minutes and seconds, the decimal based timekeeping systems are very easy to calculate, usually, just moving the decimal point. TenTime is still based on the same astronomical events as is our conventional calendar. For example, a TenTime year is one rotation of the earth around the sun, and a TenTime day is one rotation of the earth around its axis. As in the conventional timekeeping calendar, there are approximately 365.25 days in a year, and not 100 or 1000, which might been more convenient and in keeping with other metric functions. This idea is the brain-child of Henning Strandin. He has a "white paper" on the subject on his site by Mr. Strandin, which explains the logic, the time displayed in the real-time display below, and some relevant definitions. He can be contacted at He states that the concept is viable and sound, all in all, and in our opinion also, it is a good idea and concept. I'm certain that he would appreciate any feedback you might offer, positive or negative.

See our Swatch Internet Time Converter and Display and our Metric Time Display Calculator pages for more information on those approaches to a unified time based world. A different methodology and view is available in our International Time Display. This is a real-time display with no user input functions. You may do manual conversions with our BMT and Internet Time Converter. You can also view our International Time Zone Map. This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers.

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Updated 6.07.11

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