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RM Time (RMT) Display

This calculator does not require the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers; however, there are functions on the page that do. This creates and displays the RM Time (RMT) representation in a graphic. This is a very specialized time display that should only be shown as needed, certainly at only the most critical of times. RMT should NEVER be taken lightly! RMT has been recognized as a valid time format since 1997 but came into national and international prominence in September of 2002. Though never shown or mentioned in either the book or movie, it is also synonymous with the "Hunt For Red October". RMT is seasonal, beginning in Aril but fading from use in October. It is both uplifting and devastating at the same time; Angelic to some but the mark of DOOM to others...

Editor's Note: As of the last update to this page in September of 2007, it is hoped that the EXTREME FORCE of the call to action represented by RMT will NEVER be needed again. However, knowing it is available, is a comfort to true Angels' fans. When should RM Time be used? The 7th inning and later when the Angels are trailing... Rally Monkey Time!

RMT Display

Rally Monkey Time!

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