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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Often cold temperatures can feel much colder based on the speed of the wind. That effect is called the wind chill factor. To calculate wind chill, enter the current ambient temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and enter the speed of the wind in miles per hour; if you don't know those values in °F or MPH (statute miles per hour), enter them in °C and knots (often called nautical miles per hour), or KmPH (kilometers per hour) in the appropriate fields. Keep in mind that wind speeds of under 5 MPH have a negligible effect on the wind chill calculation. You may make either temperature designation entry with any speed designation entry if you wish. Click on the calculate button for the wind chill corrected temperature effect, displayed in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. There are two formulae for calculating the wind chill effect; one called the old formula and one called the (obviously) new formula. We calculate and display both and as you will see, the new formula has a more intense and chilling result. Our default values of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 1 MPH (nautical) do NOT demonstrate the severe effect of how the air feels based on the wind chill factor. Change the speed value (in any designation) and watch the effect. You can also see our wind chill table if you prefer. Please also visit our temperature conversion programs.

There is no effect on either the old or new formula if wind speeds are under 3 MPH statute, while there is no effect on the old system until the are near 5 MPH statute, or the equivalent in other speed designations. The greatest range of wind speeds for effect is from 5 to 50 MPH statute. While the change in the wind chill factor above 50 MPH statute is not really negligible, it is minimal. That wind effect tends to evaporate the moisture from the air and cause the enhanced cooling effect to humans, plants and animals, just as a breeze does on a hot summer day. Great care should be taken to avoid conditions conducive to low temperatures, with or without wind chill factors. However, with a wind chill effect, the possibility of frostbite is greatly increased.

Required Data Entry
Temperature °F            °C 
Wind Speed MPH (Nautical)
MPH (Statute)
KmPH (Kilometers)

Calculated Results
Wind Chill old: °F °C      new: °F °C
Wind speeds of less than 5 MPH statute have virtually no wind chill
factor on the old formula and less than 3 MPH statute have little
or no effect on the new formula!
Updated 8.12.11

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