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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is to determine the subjected speed of runway crosswinds on an aircraft. All entries should be numeric, assuming either knots or MPH. You may enter the runway direction by selecting the number, or if manually entered, the direction of the runway (runway number x 10) and the direction the relative wind is from, should be in compass headings. North is 360 degrees, South is 180. East is 90 and West is 270. Normally, 10 degree deviations (as given by controllers and the weather stations) are accurate enough to give a good calculation; however, the calculator will accept as accurate an entry as you can determine. The answers are returned as rounded numbers indicating the knots or MPH of the crosswind as it "feels" to the aircraft in nose forward flight position (the side directional force, from the right or left), based on your entries of directions and speed, and the potential reduction or increase in forward ground speed, or power equivalent, in knots or MPH. (An increase or gain in ground speed, a tailwind, is NOT favorable for takeoff or landing.) If the calculated crosswind, known as the crosswind factor, is above the published crosswind safety envelope limits, the aircraft should not be exposed to the takeoff or landing. Here is the current NOAA aviation weather. Here is the current European aviation weather. Use care!

Required Data Entry
Runway Number
Runway Compass Heading
Wind (From) Compass Direction
Wind Speed In Knots or MPH

Calculated Results
Calculated Crosswind Factor
In Knots or MPH From
Calculated Forward Ground
Speed In Knots or MPH
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