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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Enter the value you wish to calculate, select the unit designation, select the unit designation for the conversion and click the Calculate and Convert button. The result will appear as the number of units you selected. You may have to round the result to the amount of decimal places required. Flow rate is a measurement of the amount of a liquid or gas which passes a fixed point in a given time. A simple example is that of a stream or river, where the flow can clearly be seen by an observer, and the fact that a certain amount of water must have passed during a given period of time is acceptable. The units in which the time is measured can be anything from milliseconds to years, but for our use in this calculator, our times are more realistic in day to day use. The conversion calculator options offered here vary only from seconds to days. The amount of the flow can be measured by either its mass or its volume. This calculator is for volume.

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* Values used in these states ID, KS, ND, NE, NM, NV, SD, UT
** Values used in these states AZ, CA, MT, OR
*** Value used in these states CO
**** Value used in the United Kingdom
Petroleum Barrel = 42 US Gallons
Water Barrel = 50 US Gallons
Updated 8.12.11

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