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Aviation Databases

This is a collection of aviation databases collected and compiled for convenience.

Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields
Air Aces Homepage
Aircraft Crashes Record Office of Geneva
Aircraft Serving with the FAA
AirSafe-Airline Safety Information
American Aviation Historical Society
AOPA Aircraft Database
Art of Flying--Way of Zen
Aviation Site Register-Aviation Links
Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Researcy--List of Crash Reports
Aviation Art Hangar
Aviation Safety Net
Aviation Quotes
Aviation History
B-29s in the Korean War
Carl Chance's Wings over Kansas Site
The CIA's Airlines
Darren Crick's New Zealand Serial Number Database
Eighth Air Force Fighter Groups
FAA Registration Database
FlightView--Airline Flight Tracking
Flight Crew Quick Links
French Wings and Modelling
Global Security.Org
Globemaster US Military Aviation
Hawkins And Powers
Holcomb's Aerodrome
Howard Curtis's Air Net Web Site
Italian Spotter's Nest
Jack's World Aviation Links
JetThrust Aviation Network
JustPlanes.com Site
Landings Civilian Aircraft Registration Database
List of Preserved Military Aircraft
Max Conrad Website
Pacific Ghosts database
Pacific Wrecks database
SAR 303 Squadron (Netherlands)
Simon Beck's US Warplanes Site
Scramble Military Serial Number Database
See How It Flies
Skytamer Images Homepage
Smilin' Jack's Aviation/Airline/Travel Directory
Storming Media Pentagon Aviation Information
UGA Media Aviation Website Publisher
Unofficial Turkish Air Force Site
US Army Air Forces MACR Database
US Coast Guard Aircraft Losses
United States Army Air Forces In WW 2
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association--Lists of Lost Helicopters
Warbirds Stories
Wright Brothers Papers
Yellow Airplane's Home Base
World War II Color Archives--Jeff Ethell
Baseops Network
B-24 Pilot
US Marine Corps Information
Air and Space Museum Links
Davis Monthan Aviation Field Register
Aircraft Information Website
Japanese Aircraft, Ships, and Historical Research
Quick Aviation Links
JFK New York Airport
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