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Cost To Get A Pilot's License Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script depicts the probable average costs of obtaining a pilot's license. PLEASE NOTE: Having a pilot's license does not necessarily make you a SAFE pilot! Just meeting the qualifications and passing the written and flight exams means you have met the qualifications and passed the tests. The result of having a ticket should be considered a starting point.

We strongly suggest that low time pilots should schedule regular dual time and continue to learn. Every pilot should plan to obtain his or her Instrument Rating. Take a refresher course every year. For your safety and others' safety as well, strive to stay as proficient as you can possibly be. Spend a reasonable amount of time each week staying up with changes in regulations along with events and factors that affect the areas where you fly. Learn every thing you can about the type aircraft you fly and more importantly, about the SPECIFIC aircraft you fly. Carefully do your pre-flight inspections and always do your weight and balance and performance calculations prior to getting in the aircraft. Double check your calculations because your life and possibly other lives, depend on your accuracy and ability. (While our converters and calculators offer examples, you should always make calculations for the SPECIFIC aircraft you are flying. As pilot in command, you are responsible for YOUR aircraft.)

Examine our default values and modify them as needed. Recalculation takes place after any change but in some browsers, you may have to click on Calculate. If the Flying Club Member is YES, you can insert a membership value that should be the total of the membership expense during the time of acquiring your license. If the Fuel Included In The Hourly Rate is YES, you cannot enter a value for either th burn rate or the fuel hourly expense. The Dual Time Hours are included in the total logged hours but are used to calculate the dual time expense with your instructor. The simulator time is NOT included in the total logged time but is used to calculate simulator expense. Most insurance is included in the hourly cost of the airplane but there may be additional insurance expense. This should be the total for the time to get your license. The values returned are the total expense to acquire your license and the true hourly expense, based on total logged hours.

Required Data Entry
Flying Club Member?       
Flying Club Expense $ Total
Fuel Included In Rental?       
Airplane Hourly Rental Rate $
Hourly Fuel Used     Gal.
Fuel Cost $ Per Gal.
Additional Insurance Premium $ Total
Simulator Rate $
Simulator Time     Hours
Hourly Instructor Rate $
Dual Flight Time     Hours
Total Flight Time Logged     Hours
Aviation Physical $
Equipment Investment $
Ground School $
Charts, Books and Printed Materials $
Pilot Written Exam Fee $
Designated Flight Examiner Fee $

Calculated Results
Total Average Cost $
Total Cost Per Hour $
Updated 8.12.11

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