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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give a corrected value known as TAS, or true airspeed. TAS is given in mph. KTAS is given in knots. All cross country aviation calculations are based on flying at the planned true airspeed, generally defines as the speed of the airplane through the relatively undisturbed airmass. This version uses GPS results to give an accurate calculation of the overall TAS or KTAS. If you don't have a GPS available while flying the pattern, you might want to use our True Airspeed Calculator that is based on math and altitude for a calculated very close estimate.

To calculate the true airspeed of your aircraft, fly three separate legs, in rotation, at headings that differ by 90 degrees. For example, fly north, then east, and then finally south. Any initial heading will do so long as the turns are 90 degrees and in the same direction. From your GPS unit, determine the ground speed on each leg. (Get the latest GPS status messages here...) Then enter the data into this calculator to find your true airspeed and actual wind speed. Assuming your initial heading is correct, the wind direction will also be calculated. Click on Calculate and the TAS (or KTAS) will be returned as whatever value you entered, either mph or knots. Our calculator rounds at 3 decimal places. Keep 'em high and level! You can use our Distance and Speed Converter if you need to know the conversion between knots and miles per hour (or kilometers per hour).

TAS/KTAS Calculation
TAS Required Data Entry
First Sequence Leg
GPS Leg Groundspeed
Second Sequence Leg
GPS Leg Groundspeed
Direction Of Turns
Last Sequence Leg
GPS Leg Groundspeed

Calculated Results
Overall True Airspeed
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Updated 8.17.11

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