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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give calculated but still approximate information about the turn that an aircraft makes under given circumstances. This calculator DOES NOT take into consideration wind speed or direction, temperature, air density or aircraft performance and assumes LEVEL flight and turns. It is for general information only. Enter the speed of the aircraft in MPH, miles per hour, or Knots (KTS), nautical miles per hour, (the other will be calculated) as it enters the turn. Enter the rated clean level flight stall speed of the aircraft in the same way; finally, also enter the angle of the level turn in degrees. Click on Calculate to determine the radius of the turn and the diameter of the turn in feet, in miles and in nautical miles, as well as the turning times for a 360, 180 or 90 degree turn. It also returns the G loads and the increase in stall speed values and percentage. This does NOT attempt to calculate an accelerated stall. All calculated values should be considered as approximate. Consult your aircraft manual for specific values for YOUR aircraft.

Turn Performance Calculator
Required Data Entry
Aircraft Speed Entering Turn MPH KTS
Aircraft Rated Stall Speed MPH KTS
Turn Bank Angle °

Calculated Results
Turn Radius Feet
Turn Diameter Feet
Turn Diameter NMiles
Turn Diameter Miles
G Load Gs
Increase In Stall Speed Factor
Increased Stall Speed KTS
Increased Stall Speed MPH
360° Turn Time Seconds
360° Turn Time Minutes
180° Turn Time Seconds
180° Turn Time Minutes
90° Turn Time Seconds
90° Turn Time Minutes
Updated 8.15.11
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