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As of 4/24/02, we are beginning this new section of source code available software. As time permits, we will add to this list regularly. There will be NO support for items on this list. Use them at your own risk. As of 7/1/09, we are in a major update and rewrite of these 2000+ snippets.

Below is a list of general programming related subroutines, routines, snippets and supporting source code based on potential usage in calculators, conversion charts and converter programs. There are several programming menus; check them all! All of the source files listed on this page can be used freely but we would like to have credit for the code. Unless otherwise noted, that is NOT the case for the balance of our site; unless stated otherwise, the content on our site is copyrighted intellectual material which is available for license but not for downloading with a fee. We have written these code snippets or provided these source code files for educational purposes and convenience. We have provided these due to the *THOUSANDS* of requests for programming help that we get. It is our contention that these files will answer 99% of the questions we get. You may need to do a little manual looking to find what you need but we feel that having seen a large cross section of questions over the years, these will resolve most problems. Following in that same pattern, we also do not have the time to help with programming projects that may stem from use of this code. We offer it free of charge but assume no liability for the use of it. We hope that you can get some help and education from these. We urge you to take the time to learn what each file does rather than just use it. Some are written only as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. Stop in frequently as this list will be ongoing. What we have presented is probably not the ONLY way to accomplish the task; it is probably one of many and perhaps not the best for your need. It is however, A way. We have made no effort to clean these routines to be presentable; in fact in some cases, you may need to view the source code in order to use them as there may be no screen display. As of 7/1/09, we ARE making an effort to make these scripts and tutorial pages easier for novices. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have; it is because of many comments and requests that we ARE making them easier to use. Inside the text of the source code, there are instructions so that you can cut and paste. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

Activating Your JavaScript Within A Page
ActiveX Activate
Activity Sequencer and Scheduler
Alignment By Style Example
Assign Input Data To A Variable
Birthday Sequencer and Scheduler
Break and Continue a Loop
Break Loops
Capture IP Address
Change Button Text With Button Click
Change Text With Button Click
Character Combinations
Character Converter
Character Moving Highlight
Check The Number Of Days Left IN The Year Routine
Code Snippet Viewer
Column Height Equalizer
Convert Characters To ASCII (JavaScript To Char)
Convert To and From ASCII and Characters Example
Cursor Change Routines
Data To Source - JavaScript (not in IE, Opera, Safari or Chrome)
Day, Date and Time In Status Bar Routine
Define Variables With VAR
Degrees of General Hardness (dGH) and Parts Per Million (PPM) Converter - Bi-Directional
Do While Loop Routine
Dual Color Text Headlines
Dual Function Button Routine
Dynamic Background Color
Dynamic Page Open
Dynamic Redirect
Eliminate Double Submits
E-Mail Stealth Multiples
E-Mail Stealth Multiples - Alternate
Emulation Counter
Erlang Probability
Error Trap With Alert
Error Report
Error Trap With Alert and Confirm
Escape - Unescape
Event Clear Timeout
Event Delay Rescheduling
Event Set Timeout
Evolving Form Box Banner
Expanding Text Display
Extended Date Library
Flashing Text Box
Flashing Title Bar
Footer URL, Date And Time
Floating Point Fix
For In Array Loop
For Loop
Framed Flash Content
Function Activation
Gross Weight Change From CG Limit
Hex Login
Hidden Object Example
Hidden Object Example 2
Hidden Page Sections
Hide E-Mail
Hide E-Mail 2
Hide E-Mail Combo
Horizontal Scroll Advanced
HTML Encoder
Identify Friday The 13th
Input Entry Readonly Disabled
Internal Calculator Routine
IP Display 3 ways - Requires SSI
IP Display Alert - Requires SSI
IP Display On Status Bar - Requires SSI
IP Display On Title Bar - Requires SSI
IP Filter Ban - IP Rejection Filter
IP Test - Requires SSI
IP Test Netscape
IP Address Verify
JavaScript Backslash And Special Characters In Text
JavaScript Convert From ASCII To Character Example
JavaScript Date Parse
JavaScript Date (UTC) ToUTCString
JavaScript Debugging Technique
JavaScript Document Close()
JavaScript Document Open()
JavaScript Enabled or Disabled
JavaScript Object Literals
JavaScript Static Variables
JavaScript String Comparison Non-Case Sensitive
JavaScript Switch Example
JavaScript Word Substitution In A String
Key Check
Latitude and Longitude Distances Routine
Leap Year Check Routine
Links On The Page Detector
Link Extractor
Link On A Button
Link Scroll Banner
Loop Example
Loop Optimization
Loop Routine Using IN
Loop Simple Demo
Lower Case Entry
Lower Case Test
MailTo Parameters
Math Maximum Value Selector
Math Minimum Value Selector
Money Format
Money Formatter String
Multi-Line Alert Box
Multi-Stage Timing Event Routine Display
Multiple Messages In Status Bar Routine
Multiple OnLoads
Multiple OnLoads 2
Multiple OnLoads 3
Multiple OnLoads In The Body Tag
Multiple Text Colors
MySQL to Date Conversion
Name Request
Network Server Clock Time
New Content Identifier
No Right Click
No Right Click On Images
Number Format Routine
Numeric Input Error Trap JavaScript
On Error JavaScript
On Error JavaScript - Alternate
OnFocus Example
OnFocus Sequenced Example
OnLoad Chain
OnLoad Message
Open() Close() JavaScript
Outdated Object Detection - DHTML
Outdated Object Detection - DOM
Outdated Object Detection - FOCUS
Outdated Object Detection - IMAGE
Page Forwarding
Page Load Timer
Page Text Group Display
Pass Value
Pass Value Reader
Pause Scroller
Phone Number Format
Phone Number Parse
Prelink Information
Preload Message
Preset Display
Previous Page
Radio Button Show or Hide Text Box
Rainbow Span Text
Rainbow Text Span
Rearrange Order
Redirect Mac and Windows
Redirect Trap
Referrer From History
Robots Meta Tags
Rolling Text Signboard
Round Alert Message
Round Corners Display
RSS Feed Reader
Run An EXE Program From JavaScript
Run An EXE Program From JavaScript Shell ActiveXObject
Run A Perl Script
Scrolling Title Bar
Scroll Window Content
Selected Index
Selected Index 2
Selected Options
Select Disable
Select Value
Set Font Face
Set Font Style
Set Home Page
Show Field Display
Simple Alert
Single Character Text Highlight
Site Change Refresh and Redirect
Site Footprints
Slider Control
Software Submit Click
Special Characters
Special Page Redirect
SSI IP Detector #2
Status Bar Case Change Movement Routine
Status Bar Flash Routine
Status Bar Partial Flash Message Routine
Status Bar Sliding Text Routine
String Comparison Routine
Strip Final Character From A String
Strip First Character From A String
Strip Spaces
Style Functions With No StyleSheet
Table Border Flash
Test JavaScript For Valid Functions
Test JavaScript Undefined Variables
Text Size
Timing Event Routine Display
Title And Status Bar Varied Movement Routine
Top Of Page
Table Row Highlight With Rollover
Transitional Fade Effect
Undefined Variables
Undefined Variable Test Routine
Upper Case Entry
Upper Case Test
URL (Any Page) On YOUR Page
View and Color a DIV
View and Hide a DIV
Wait Message
While Loop Routine
While Loops in JavaScript
World Country HTML Selection Routine
World Country JavaScript Array Selection Routine

last updated 9/11/11

All information on this site is copyrighted intellectual property of Computer Support Group (a California corporation) and CSGNetwork. All US and International copyright laws are in effect and applicable to the materials on this site. The script or HTML in the delivery box ON THIS PAGE has been released from the usage portion of our copyright. You may use this in any way you wish but we do require that you retain our commented information within the script and clearly place a link to our index page at CSGNetwork.Com. That link is provided in the delivery box code also. You may not use any information, graphics, text or intellectual property from anywhere on this site UNLESS the page specifically allows you to copy it from a delivery box, or supplies other download information. We accept no responsibility for accuracy, usability or how you actually use it on your page. The formulae information and subsequent results of all of our converters, calculators and tables is accurate to the best of our knowledge, though we cannot guarantee it. Use it at your own risk.

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