Title And Status Bar Varied Movement Routine
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Title And Status Bar Varied Movement Routine

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This routine attracts viewer attention through varied movement on the status line and in the title. You can use an onLoad to start it or an anchor, as in our example, with a mouseover. This works in MOST 2006 browsers and forward but also in IE4+ and forward.

Important NOTE!!!

Most (newer) major browsers disable status bar messages by default.

If you are able to make this script work locally but not on the Internet, this is probably the issue. You can enable status bar messages by changing your browser settings.

For example, in Firefox:

1.Go to Tools > Options
2.Click the Content tab
3.Ensure that the JavaScript option is checked
4.Click Advanced (next to the Enable JavaScript option)
5.Check the Change status bar text option
6.Click OK to save this screen
7.Click OK
In Internet Explorer:

1.Go to Tools > Internet Options
2.Click the Security tab
3.Ensure that the Internet option is selected/highlighted
4.Click Custom Level... (this launches the security settings for the Internet zone)
5.Scroll down until you see Allow status bar updates via script (under the Scripting option). Click Enable
6.Click OK to save this screen
7.Click OK

Note that, because this is the default setting in most browsers, there's a good chance that most of your users won't see your status bar message.

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