HTML Encoder

Full HTML Page Encoder

This script will encode your whole HTML page.

  1. Enter your full HTML source code and content in the box below.
  2. Select the Code Key you want.
  3. Press the Encode button.

Code Key:

  1. Either change the content above or paste your entire page content into the textarea above.
  2. Select the "Code key" you wish to use.
  3. Press the "Encode" button.
  4. Select all the text that appears in the box below and paste it into a blank document and save it as an HTML file. The pasted code should appear all on one line in your editor, unless you have word-wrap on. Do not add any linebreaks (by pressing "Enter") or the script may not work.
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HTML Encoder

This is a full fledged operating encoder. It will take a page or sections of code (including JavaScript) and encode them. The source code is then not readily readable. There is a price in execution speed but it is minimal. Carefully use the instructions above for encoding; cut and paste the result. Please view the source.

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