Weight and Balance CG/Gross Weight Change Formula
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Weight and Balance CG/Gross
Weight Change Formula

Enter A Gross Weight Value
Enter The Correct Rounded CG Value
Enter An Aft Max CG Limit Value
Enter An Aft Minimum CG Limit Value
Enter A Minimum Calculation Limit Weight Value
The Correct Rounded Factored Gross Weight Value

Weight and Balance CG/Gross Weight Change Formula

View the source. This is a demonstration of programming a situation of "if one condition exists, another changes". This deals with the gross weight of an aircraft and the center of gravity of that aircraft. The default number of decimal places is 2. Enter the gross weight and the correct CG value. Click on Calculate and the Center Of Gravity effect shift in Gross Weight is returned. If the CG is within certain AFT limits, the gross weight is reduced. The default values are for a V35 Bonanza but may be changed as needed.

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