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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to compare the cost of coffee with meals at home or in the office compared to coffee at specialty coffee shops. Specialty coffee beverages out are often almost as much as the meal. Often, coffee available in the office or at home is very reasonable by comparison. Enter the 2 approximate costs of a cup of home or office coffee and a cup of specialty coffee and the number of coffee beverages you drink each year. If you wish, our defaults can be used conservatively. They are based on a typical coffee drinkers consumption each year. Our default number of coffee beverages out is not only with meals, but just stopping for a cup as well. When you have made your entries, click on Calculate.

Required Data Entry
Office or Home Coffee Cost Dollars Per Cup
Specialty Coffee Cost Dollars Per Cup
Number Of Coffee Purchases Out Cups Per Year

Calculated Results
Cost Difference $ Each Cup
Cost Difference $ Annual Total
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