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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. You may convert between any of the displayable Designation Category values in the drop down box. Enter a valid numeric value in the Conversion Quantity field (initially defaults to 1 and resets to 1) and then click on and select the Convert From field designation, then select a value, and select the Convert To field designation, and select a value. Click on the Convert Units button to actually convert the values. The calculated values will appear in the Converted Value field. To do another, click the Clear Values button and then enter a new value. (The last-used designations will remain but the Converted Value will be cleared and the Convert Quantity will be reset to 1.) Calculated accuracy of most current Javascript enabled browsers is generally 16 places. See the Constants information below the converter table.

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Updated: 7/15/11

Constants for further reference


Speed of light: c = 2.997925E8 m/s
Electron charge: e = 1.6021E-19 Cb
Electron mass: m = 9.11E-31 kgr
Faraday's constant: F = 9.6487E4 Cb/mol
Plank's constant: h = 6.6256E-34 J sec
Rydberg constant: R = 1.097373E7 1/m
Bohr radius: ao = 5.29167E-11 m
Gravitational constant: G = 6.67E15 n m^2 / kg^2
Permitivity of free space: eo = 8.85E-12 Cb^2/ Nm^2
Permeability of free space: mu o = 4*piE-7 N/A^2

Chemistry & Thermodynamics

Avogadro's constant: Na = 6.02252E23 1/mol
Boltzman's constant: k = 1.380622E-23 J/'K
Universal gas constant: R = 8.3143 J / 'Kmol

Earth Science

Mean distance of Earth to Sun: 1.5E14 m
Mass of the Sun: 1.99E30 kgr
Mass of the Earth: 5.97E24 kgr

Standard Atmosphere at Sea Level

Density rho = 1.225 kgr/m^3
Temperature = 288.2 'K
Pressure = 101300 Pa
Viscosity = 1.79E5 Nsec / m^2

Ideal Gas Properties


Molecular mass: 28.967
Gas constant: 287 J/ kgr'K
cp = 1004 J/ kg'K (at 25'C)
gamma = 1.4 (at 25'C)

Water Vapor

Molecular mass: M = 18.015
Gas constant: R = 461.5 J/kgrK
cp = 1866 J/kgrK (at 25 'C)
gamma = 1.33 (at 25 'C)
Triple point: 273.16 'K
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