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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator teaches the basics of algebra in setting and determining unknowns. Enter the known and unknown values from your proportion problem. This is set up as A/B (A over B or A divided by B) is equal to C/D. In classic algebraic format, place an x in the box where the value is unknown. Then select Calculate and click on it. The unknown will be replaced by the correct value. The tutor will display the formula and the logic for the problem. You can learn how the equation was derived and calculated from the data in the information box. This calculator is designed to help in the teaching process of proportion problems and the fundamentals of algebra. The "x" can be in any box in order to determine that information. You must supply the other three values; the "x" must be present in order for the calculator to work. It is an effort to teach new algebra students the "variable" thought process.

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Updated 8.12.11

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