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Laundry At Home Or Laundromat Cost Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to compare the cost of doing laundry with your own washing machine at home or doing it at the laundromat. Our defaults are that the average purchase price of a washing machine is $375.00 (with the lowest price at $149.00), though there are many excellent ones that cost less and many fancy ones that cost more. If you are buying the washer on a contract and are paying interest, put the total price, including interest as the purchase price. We also default the cost of repairs at $100.00 per year. That is probably very high; the average life is 10 years, probably somewhat low. Water is about 5 cents per load, on average. Power is on average 9 cents per load. (You will need to check with the owner's manual to determine how much water your washer uses per load. Also determine the power consumption per load. Check with your water company and power company for prices. Our defaults are VERY close on average.) Enter your approximate number of loads per week; also the cost of doing a load of laundry at the laundromat in your area. If you can estimate the transportation costs on a weekly basis to and from the laundromat, enter that as well. We defaulted that to no costs involved (0). When you have made your entries, click on Calculate. The resulting laundromat costs are adjusted by the transportation costs if entered. If the resulting answers for differences are negative (preceded by a minus (-) sign), then the laundromat is less expensive; otherwise it is cheaper (and more convenient) to purchase a washer and wash at home. (Usually, the at home washer is CONSIDERABLY cheaper.) Detergent, bleach, softeners and conditioners are not considered because they are equal in both cases. NOTE: In order to make equal comparisons, if you use a double washer at the laundromat, consider it 2 loads. Divide the cost by 2.

Required Data Entry
Washing Machine Purchase Price Dollars
Number Of Loads Per Week
Anticipated Life Of Washer Years
Anticipated Repair Costs Dollars Per Year
Water Cost Per Load
Power Cost Per Load
Laundromat Wash Load Cost Dollars Per Load
Transportation Costs Per Week

Laundry At Home Calculated Results
Number Of Loads     Per Year
Washing Machine Cost $ Per Week
Washing Machine Cost $ Per Year
Washing Machine Cost $ Per Load
Adjusted Laundromat Wash Cost $ Per Week
Adjusted Laundromat Wash Cost $ Per Year
Adjusted Laundromat Wash Cost $ Per Load
Cost Difference $ Per Week
Cost Difference $ Per Year
Cost Difference $ Per Load
Updated 8.12.11

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