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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script lets you find out your daily water requirement tailored to your individual customized needs. Just enter your weight, physical activity schedule, your environmental conditions and find your approximated personal daily suggested water consumption amount.

How much water should you drink every day? Nobody knows for sure and different people have different views. Experts say that you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day; a glass of water is about 8 ounces US or about .236 milliliters. That estimate assumes that your environment is normally cool, you are about 150 pounds or about 68 kilograms, and exercise in some form, about 20 minutes a day.

Recent studies have revealed that there is no set requirement of water per day. You should drink when you are thirsty. If your urine is white or slightly yellow, it's a good indication that you are hydrated. But every individual has different water consumption requirements and it is difficult to apply a general rule. How much water you need depends on your physical weight, your level of physical activity that day and your environmental conditions. Just remember that adequate hydration is a mandatory aspect of human and animal life. Our calculator is conservative in that it is calculated for the worst environments, extreme heat or extreme cold. Use common sense and stay healthy! See your doctor for your specifics of water consumption. Weight entries are rounded to the nearest whole (integer) value. Results are also rounded to three decimal places.

Required Data Entry
Body Weight Pounds      Kilograms 
Exercise Time Number Of Minutes Of Daily Exercise
Environmental Conditions Surrounding Climate

Calculated Results
Mililiters Of Water Suggested Daily Consumption
US Ounces Of Water Suggested Daily Consumption
Imperial Ounces Of Water Suggested Daily Consumption
Approximate Glasses Of Water Suggested Daily Consumption
Updated: 7/15/11

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