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Soft Boiled Egg Audible Alert Timer

This calculator requires the use ofJavascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to be a fully functional sound executing (using YOUR sound file located on YOUR computer or on the Internet) soft boiled egg (of various sizes) timer alert that you can set to notify (alert) you in the selected or manually chosen number of minutes. You can set the time manually, up to VERY long time periods (into years) and you can set "rollover times", such as 65 minutes, that will equate to an hour and 5 minutes. I certainly don't want to eat that egg (or oblong golf ball...)! This process is EGGstremely simple, so if you are not a "techie", don't be "alerted" at the instructions. One click to set the alert to ON; enter the number of minutes to elapse and then select the sound you want. Or, to make it as easy as boiling an egg, just select the size of the boiled egg you want, or the process of warming to room temperature, cooling the eggs, or deselecting an entry to make a manual entry! That is all you are required to do. (Be sure to see how to cook and time your eggs below.) Want to do this manually? Select the sound that you want (on your computer) by clicking on Browse to select local music (any local music or sound that works on your system). Typically that music is played by the Windows Media Player on Windows systems but it is really based on the associated file sounds player on your system. It can take those players up to 10 seconds to load and start a file, depending on the speed of your computer and the size of the file. If no alarm sound file is chosen, the online system default sound will activate the alarm (which SHOULD activate you...)! The default alert sound DOES require an Internet connection. As long as you leave the computer on, if you choose to manually set the time, enter the time in days, hours, minutes and seconds to elapse (yes, the feasibility is low for setting something to time in days while cooking...), select alert ON (the default is OFF), or just click on Start; you don't even need an Internet connection at alert time (locally). The timer window MUST BE OPEN for the alert to work (however, it does NOT need to be the active window)! Be sure to test this so that you have your computer sound system volume set adequately for your own kitchen needs. This has been tested on IE versions 5.5 and up (see special note below). If you want to just hear the chosen alert sound now for testing purposes and don't want to wait for any time to elapse (typical type "A", EGGciteable personality...), click the On Now option. If you want silence but want to keep the alert sound selection, click on Alert Off. Just reset the time to turn the Alert On function back on with the same sound. When the alert is activated, the On Now button will also illuminate. You may restart the alert sound from the beginning by clicking the On Now button as many times as you wish. Clear Values resets all of the options to the starting default values. Once the timer is started, the alarm time and alarm status are live. If you select music on YOUR system, this does not create a load on bandwidth since both your browser and the music are local. Accuracy is EGGxactly to the second. For example, if the display shows 5:35:30 and you have the timer set for 4 minutes (a large soft boiled egg), it will turn on at 5:39:31. (You were out collecting your farm-fresh morning eggs at 5:00am... right?) Isn't this EGGciting having and using the world's most EGGstravigant and EGGpensive egg timer! EGGStentialism and EGGstacy to the max...

To cook boiled eggs CORRECTLY and to EGGsacting standards, you really don't boil them; you only bring the water to a rolling boil. Initially, place them in a pot in one level, 4 to 8 at a time (do NOT put eggs on top of each other), with an inch of tap water above them. Before heating the water, let them warm at room temperature for 15 minutes in the water (can be warm but not hot) if they came out of the refrigerator. You can time that phase by clicking on Warm; that will start the timer for the appropriate time. Finally, after the time has elapsed (or longer), bring the water to a rolling boil on high heat. You will have to watch this stage due to various altitudes, the quantity of eggs in your cooking container and the sizes and volumes of various cooking containers... Then remove the heat, and cover the pan with a good lid; then select and click on the size eggs you are cooking. That turns on the timer to the default times shown below and in the alert timer field. Leave them in the water for that long. When you are alerted that the time has finished (visually in the message field, and by sound), remove the warm water and cover the eggs with cold water, or ice and chilled water. Start the timer again for cooling eggs via the same process. You can leave them longer but the timer is the minimum amount of time. Once that is done, you can gently crack the shell, peel the shell off and enjoy your eggs. This timer is for SOFT BOILED eggs. You can also use our timers for medium and hard boiled eggs. Also please see the cooking chart below. If you cook your eggs too long or too fast, a green colored coating forms around the yoke. It is from a heat reaction to sulfur in the whites and yoke. It is safe but will possibly impact the taste. The source of information is the The American Egg Board (AEB), the site with egg EGGspertise. We also urge you to read and practice Egg Safety as published by the Egg Safety Center. You just can't be EGGcessive when it comes to egg safety. Here are some wonderful (EGGcellent actually...) egg recipes from Good Egg. These are a few more EGGciting egg sites of EGGlectic interest for you. The International Egg Commission, The Georgia Egg Commission, The Louisiana Egg Commission, Incredible (EGGsclusive home of the incredible edible egg), Egg Nutrition Center (ENC), The Deviled Eggs Gourmet, Hilary's Heavenly Eggs (from Eating Well), and finally, an EGGshaustive and EGGceptional group of "egg links" (EGGsclusive of sausage links) from PoultryHelp.com.


This application only works in IE5.5 and higher browsers. In higher browsers such as 7+, 8+ and higher, the security settings by default are designated at Medium High in the Internet zone. This will NOT work at that level. You MUST either configure your security simply at Medium or go through the 40 or so options to configure it as a Custom security level. (The security issue is that YOU are selecting a tune or sound on YOUR computer to execute at a given time.) We have been told that other modern browsers do work with this application with several "add in options". I have not been able to make that happen and I suggest that if you want to use it, use IE...

Your Eggs               Warm Jumbo X-Large Large Medium Small Cooling None
 Your Local System Clock Time        Alert On Alert Off On Now
 Select Alert Sound
 Set Alert Time For  H  M  S  
 Your Local System Alarm Time       Your Local System Alarm Status        
Elapsed Ticks Day Ticks Remaining Ticks

Soft Boiled Egg Cooking Times
Firm White And Runny Yoke

Egg Size Time Required Avg. Ozs. Avg. Gms.
Small 2 Minutes 1.5 43
Medium 3 Minutes 1.75 50
Large 4 Minutes 2 57
X-Large 5 Minutes 2.25 64
Jumbo 6 Minutes 2.5 71
Cooling In Cool Or Chilled Water With Ice 18 Minutes Or Longer    
Warming To Room Temperature (Before Cooking) 15 Minutes Or Longer    
Use the suggested and indicated warming, cooking and cooling times as a guide for the desired firmness for the yoke (yolk) of the various egg sizes. The egg whites will be firm. The timing begins once the pot of eggs is removed from the heat and covered with a lid.
Version 3.2.1

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