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Below is a list of communications and navigation antennae based calculators, conversion charts and converter programs available for use. This entirely dedicated to antennae related information. Some of these are directly related to interest in communications or navigation and some are of indirect interest. We have written these or provided these for educational purposes and convenience. Some are written as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have. I would like to acknowledge Ed Womble of North Florida Communications in Jacksonville Florida as the person that instilled a love of radio technology. He was the foundation for most of the knowledge that I have provided in these calculators. Enjoy!

CSG's Communications Converters and Calculators, Information and Tables
CSG's Communications Frequency Converters and Calculators, Information and Tables

CSG's Online Calculator - General Math
Amateur 5 Side Loop Antenna Calculator
Amateur Antenna Frequency Trap Calculator
Amateur Antenna Line Of Sight Distance Calculator
Amateur Beam Antenna (3 Element Yagi) Calculator
Amateur Beam Antenna (7 Element Yagi) Calculator
Amateur Dipole Antenna (HVL) Calculator
Amateur Dipole Antenna (Including Tees) Calculator
Amateur Dipole Antenna (Inverted Vees) Calculator
Amateur Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna Calculator
Amateur Vertical Antenna Calculator
Axial Mode Helix Antenna Calculator
Cubical Quad Antenna Calculator
Generic Satellite Antenna Position Calculator
Parabolic Antenna Efficiency Calculator
Parabolic Dish Antenna Calculator
Satellite Antenna Information Calculator
Satellite Antenna Position Calculator
Two-Wire (SWA) Beverage Antenna Transformer Calculator
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Loss Calculator
Whip Antenna Length And Frequency Calculator
Wireless 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna Calculator

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The formulae information and subsequent results of all of our converters, calculators and tables is accurate to the best of our knowledge, though we cannot guarantee it. Use it at your own risk.

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