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Parabolic Antenna Efficiency Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the reception efficiency information concerning parabolic antennae. In our calculator, the diameter of the antenna is a spherical chord, cutting a section of the sphere. That section is our parabolic antenna dish in total. Antennae gain is the decibel gain of the incoming signal. Receive frequency is the incoming signal frequency in megahertz.

Since most satellite information is metric, we have followed the same pattern. Enter values for the chord in meters (M), the gain in decibels, and the frequency in megahertz. After each change in the required values, the calculator will recalculate the efficiency ratio. You may click on Clear Values to start over.

Required Data Entry
Antenna Chord M
Antenna Gain Decibels
Receive Frequency MHZ

Calculated Results
Antenna Reception Efficiency Percent
Updated 6.02.11

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