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Two-Wire (SWA) Beverage
Antenna Transformer Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give Two-Wire Beverage (SWA) Transformer Calculator information required for construction. Enter the required information and Click on Calculate to generate the Beverage (SWA) transformer data. After any minor modifications, you may click on Re-Calculate or to start over on Clear Values. Fields that are not modifiable will not allow you to click on them.

Required Data Entry
AWG Gauge
Height Above Ground Feet
Wire Spacing Inches
Minimum Frequency MHz
AL Of Ferrite mH/1000 turns
Primary impedance Ohms

Calculated Results
New Primary (T1) Turns
New Primary (T2) Turns
New End Term Primary Turns (T3)
Zoa Ohms
Zot Ohms
Ratio Zot/Zoa
Turns Ratio Zot
Turns Ratio Zoa
Minimum Primary Inductance (T1 & T2) uH
Calculated Primary Inductance (T1) uH
Calculated Primary Inductance (T2) uH
Minimum End Term. Primary Inductance (T3) uH
Calculated End Term. Inductance (T3) uH
End Term. Primary Turns (T3)
Primary Turns (T1)
Primary Turns (T2)
Zot Secondary Turns (T1)
Zoa Secondary Turns (T2)
Wire Diameter Inches
Updated 6.02.11

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