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We continue to support only Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser on our site, optimized for viewing at 800 x 600 resolution. That does not mean that you cannot use other browsers (in the IE emulation mode) on our site but the optimum viewing is with IE. None of the rest of the current browsers (December 2005) offer the needed capability for the majority of our pages, including calculators and converters. This is a decision based on popularity and ability. December 12, 2005... I added two more videos, One for changing background images on the desktop and one to change the resolution on the screen. November 29, 2005... We have introduced a new feature called One Minute Tech (aka 1minTech); in it we teach you how to do helpful things for your computer. The link is on the tabs section on the top menu. It is called "Video"; we sincerely hope it is helpful to you. We will be adding more useful "How To" videos every week. November 27, 2005... The transition to a newer larger and faster server has taken place. We started yesterday, the 26th of November, and finished today. We have also quadrupled the capacity of our mail server. Should you notice anything unusual or inoperative, please visit our contact page and let us know about it. To the best of our knowledge, it appears that all is working well. We always answer mail within a day but if you don't hear from us, PLEASE contact us again. Thank you and enjoy the site! November 25, 2005... By 6:00am pacific coast time, mail on our own server had almost doubled the largest previous volume ever. We also saw the volume increase on every site that we host, though not in as dramatic of quantities. The majority of it was incoming pops with numerous variations of the Sober worm virus. We caution all of you that this is rampant at the moment. We urge all of you to update your AV if you have not and if you don't have an AV, visit the www.grisoft.com site and get or try the AVG product. Use wisdom and common sense when opening ANY E-Mail with an attachment to it. November 24, 2005... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! November 20, 2005... We are looking for a several good computer and network technicians, field or bench in Palm Springs, CA. We are willing to train the right people, male or female. We are also looking for additional part time office help for light office and telephone work. We are also accepting applications for HTML, Macromedia and JavaScript coders for WebSite work in our area or from other home locations. July 18, 2005... We listened to your comments on the front page and we are making final cleanups of it before posting the vendor advertising you requested. Also be aware that we take pride in responding to each and every request for help and for your suggestions. If you don't get an answer within a very few days, please notify us again. January 6, 2005... Our server was impacted critically today for 8 hours by an attack on it from outside the US. I really don't have any idea why, other than the fact that we do our best to help people, promote peace, happiness, Christianity and the American way of life. Perhaps some people don't like our attitude and feel that they can be online terrorists. The FBI is now involved... They will have more of a say in what happens from here than we do. December 11, 2004... We are looking for a couple of good computer technicians, field or bench in Palm Springs, CA. We are also looking for part time office help for light office and telephone work. We listened to your comments on the front page and we are making final cleanups of it before posting the vendor advertising you requested. Also be aware that we take pride in responding to each and every request for help and for your suggestions. If you don't get an answer within a very few days, please notify us again. September 1, 2004... We have begun a modification of the look and feel of our site; we are working on this continually, making what changes are needed. We have also (again) changed our server to a backbone level connection and "added horsepower" due to traffic volume; a wonderful problem (if you can call that a problem). Within a week or so, we should have much of the initial work completed, though the process will be ongoing for several months. If there are things you want to see or have us change, now is the time to let us know. We would like to hear from you as to likes and dislikes of the changes. . July 28, 2004... On the 24th of July, we were faced with a new problem. It was one we had not encountered previously and was both a nice surprise and a dilemma at the same time. Our traffic, which has been growing by leaps and bounds, finally exceeded the bandwidth available for our connection to the backbone. We have since acquired several new connections and relocated to a huge new server. It may be a few days until all scripts are working again. If you issue mail to us and we do not respond immediately, please resend it after we post a note that all is well with our scripts. Our apologies for the inconvenience and our gratitude for the many new and previous visitors to our site. January 27, 2004... We have had several mail attacks on our server in the last few days. All scripts dealing with sending forms and local mail on this server are back in operation. Our apologies for the inconvenience. January 3, 2004... Due to the tremendous increase in traffic to our site, we found it necessary to move to a newer and more powerful server with much greater bandwidth and multiple connections to the Internet backbone. This move took place on 12/19/03. We are working out the differences in scripts and functions between our previous server and our new one. It should only take a few days. If you have attempted to communicate with us in the last couple of months and did not get a response, it probably was because we did not get your request; we finally determined that we were getting about one of every fifteen messages sent. Please try again. We also ask that if you see something that is not working correctly, please let us know. Thank you...

Thank you for visiting our site and seeking help from Computer Support Group and our online division, CSGNETWORK.COM. The primary purpose of this site is to provide assistance, direction, information and reference material for students, formal or informal, of all ages. All content is family-safe. If you have the time, we would love to know if you found what you were looking for and if you got the help you needed. We are in the process of changing the look and feel of the site, however, we are still supporting Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the primary browser; see more information about browsers here. If you prefer our "spiffier" version of the opening page, click here.We would also like to know how you found us. Contact us...

In the early '90s, we were lucky to have 100 visitors a week to our site. The Internet was not really a big thing back then. During 2001, we averaged 700,000 viewers a week; in 2003 that figure increased to about 1 million a week and is still climbing as of December 2005. Hundreds of schools and universities use content on our site as part of their computer curriculum. There is one (and only one) popup on this site; it is a quick guide menu at the top left of this page. The advertisers that we allow are family values organizations only. They have values similar to ours and we endorse and use the services and products they supply. We strongly encourage you to patronize them. If you find our site useful and helpful to you, please refer it to a friend or associate. Many of our most active pages have links to send the page (or a link) to a friend. To navigate our site quickly and easily, use the tables at the bottom of each page. Need a different language? Try Babel on the CSGNetwork site!

Attention Internet Explorer Users: Microsoft has identified the need to correct numerous problems and security issues with many versions of IE. You may get these updates at Microsoft's IE Server. There is also the option to get an entirely new version and to see information about previous versions and options.
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Computer Support Group is a computer installation and service organization that handles: Our web site is designed to supply information to our customers and others in need, for them to use at times or in situations when they prefer to support themselves. We also have a great deal of public "general interest" information, such as: For the reasonably technical user, we give you access to detailed technical information including device drivers and links to support sites (more than 750) to maintain computers in a current and useful manner. For those that are not technical, we are available to assist as needed.

Off the WEB, Computer Support Group does: Our site is a family content Internet location with links to many interesting and useful computer and non-computer locations. In fact, we have the largest single collection of current computer hardware site links on the Internet. We hope you will make good use of the material within and let us know how we can make it more useful for you.

With this engine, you can search the CSGNetwork site. This does a spectacular job of finding any words within our domain on any page. There are more than 850000 words and key phrases indexed on the CSGNetwork site for instant response; we index the site daily. We do suggest that you check out the links to more than 2400 search engines and search sites that we offer for the Internet. All of the top rated individual engines, all of the best meta engines, and the best of the specialty engines are available to you. Good searching...

If your system does not support frames or scripting, please click here to go directly to our extremely large and very slow loading site map to allow the best possible non-frames, non-scripting use. Much of the content on our site is through Java, J++, J#, JavaScript, VBScript and other HTML additions. If you have a recent version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape's Navigator, our site is fully available to you. If you like framed content, click here to access full functionality through frames. If you need a new browser, go to the bottom of this page (or the browsers page), in fact most pages on the site, and click on your choice. We prefer and support only IE's full integration but the choice is yours. You may also get to the extremely large and very slow loading site map, our home page and other useful information there.

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