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Computer Support Group's website CSGNetwork.Com, continues (as of December 2010) to support Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser as the primary viewer for our site. IE is often criticised because it is "less than secure" and for the reason that it is from Microsoft. However, it is still the standard for the Internet, currently in Version 9 (for Windows 7, Version 8 for XP and Vista versions), and in our opinion gets a bad rap from those that see Microsoft as a monopoly. We can't argue the fact that Microsoft is big and that they dominate the computer industry. They do however, put out a wonderful product in the operating system world, within which, IE has been included free of charge. Some see that as a problem; some see it as a benefit, as we do. It appears to be more vulnerable than other browsers ONLY because it is used so much more than other browsers. All have vulnerabilities that are being exposed on a daily basis but IE's seem to be the target of the press.

We just see it as the best choice for what we wish to provide for our site's viewers and for expanding website technology and capability. Our site works correctly with IE. If you want other browsers, you can get the latest versions in the links below but we make no guarantees that they will or will not work on our site. (We continue to try to support more and more browsers.) We also express no opinion as to fitness. This page has been tested with all of the browsers below and does require JavaScript operability to view the information box in the lower part of the page; if you need help with setting up JavaScript, go to our NO Script page. Also be aware that there are browsers, such as Avant, that identify themselves as other browsers. They intentionally mislead the public as a compatible but they seldom, if ever, handle all of the features of the browser they are trying to emulate.

We have included MANY browsers, although some of them are not very popular and some are NOT terribly compliant. Still, they have some following... It is our advice to consider moving to a current browser with some level of security support if you are using a browser that is no longer in development. Other browser pages you might find of interest on our site are Windows Browser Comparison, MAC Browser Comparison, UNIX Browser Comparison, Linux Browser Comparison, Browser Information Utility, General Browser and User Information and Detailed Browser and User Information. Keep in mind that while several of these browsers "still work" to some degree (such as Hotjava; Netscape's Navigator Version 9.x, officially ended support in March of 2008; and NetCaptor in January of 2008), they have no current development and therefore have no patches, "fixes" or security changes for them as time goes on.

Windows Browsers

Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator Browser

Opera Browser

Mozilla and FireFox Browser

Avant Browser

Maxthon Browser

Point And Read Talking Browser

Chrome (By Google)

Safari Browser (Yes... there is now a very good Windows version!)

Orca Browser

1st ZipCommander Browser

Wichio Browser and Tools

SeaMonkey Suite and Browser


K-Meleon Browser

HotJava 3.0

Flock Browser

Amaya Windows Browser

Slim Browser

JoDonFox Profile Browser



Bitty Browser

xB (Torpark) Browser

SmartBro Browser

Mosaic Browser Information

MAC Browsers

IE MAC Browser

Safari Browser

Opera MAC Browser

Netscape Navigator MAC Browser

OmniWeb MAC Browser



SeaMonkey Suite and Browser

Mozilla Browser

HotJava 3.0

Amaya MAC OS 10 Browser

iCab Browser

JoDonFox Profile Browser

Mosaic FTP

UNIX Browsers

IE 'NIX Browser


Opera UNIX Browser

Arena UNIX Browser

Mozilla Browser

Mozilla and FireFox Browser

SeaMonkey Suite and Browser

Amaya UNIX Browser

Mosaic FTP

Linux Browsers

IE 'NIX Browser


HotJava 3.0

Opera Linux Browser

Arena Linux Browser

Mozilla Browser

Mozilla and FireFox Browser

Amaya Linux Browser

JoDonFox Profile Browser

Solaris Browsers

HotJava 3.0

Opera Solaris Browser

Arena SUN Browser

Mozilla Browser

Amaya SUN Browser

Mobile Browsers

Internet Explorer Mobile Browser

Opera Mobile and Mini

Bitstream Bolt Browser

SkyFire Mobile Browser

Mozilla Mobile Browser

JB5 Mobile Browser

Iris Mobile Browser

WinWap Mobile Browser

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