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This is the online home for Computer Support Group (CSG) and CSGNetwork, the source of accurate and detailed online service and support information. It is currently under rennovation and should be available with near complete functionality by mid to late January. Please feel free to have a look around and check back in frequently. By the way, if you find our site helpful, please refer it to a friend. While you are here, you can also search the site by keyword using our local search engine. Our website hours are 24/7/365 with a person available (most often human...) 99.9% of the time. The navigation frame on the left is live in all windows and the back button in your browser is active. (If for some reason you do not see a frame header or a navigation frame on the left and your browser supports this technology, click here. We'll fix it for you.) In most of the 800+ pages on this site (need a site map?), there are logical links for features or items of interest, most often at the bottom of the page. Our pages are optimized for 800 x 600 video but with the use of the left/right and up/down window and frame navigation bars, you can do everything from larger and smaller resolution screens. We do use frames and Java throughout the site; some browsers just can't handle the technology. If you need to get a current browser, there are links on the bottom of most pages for them; just make sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive! If you want to print information on our site, highlight it by the click and drag procedure, then right click and choose print. You'll get only what you highlight and none of the frames or other things you don't want to waste paper on while printing. Need a different language? Try Babel on the CSGNetwork site!

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We are online computer support and service personified in a friendly atmosphere; the support site you have been searching for. (Speaking of searching... Try GoTo.Com or other search locations we find to be helpful.) By certification and hands on experience, we are authorities in engineering, design, networking, troubleshooting, the Internet, service and repairs. We are certified experts for the Internet, DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Cisco, Bay, Nortel, Novell, Intuit (QuickBooks) and many other applications from many sources. We have been in business as programmers, design engineers and servicers since the early days of computing and the majority of our customers have been with us for many, many years. We still do service with a smile and sign our name with pride to every job.

We are located in the magnificent low desert area of Southern California, not exactly the hub of technology except for us. "Why?", you asked. (You did ask that didn't you?)

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Warm and Sunny Palm Springs, California

If you are up to your tape drive in snow, you probably didn't ask. But if you did, you just are not familiar with the desert weather. There is nothing like it in the world. We love it! If you would like to take a virtual tour of the area, click on the underlined links below! (We do not assume responsibility for the content of all of the websites. Some we did not do and some we do not support. Some present a different view and style of life from ours. But it is representative of the local area and all in all, it is a great place to be. My wife questions our sanity during the days that reach 125 degrees in the summer; however, the warmer the better for me and for those that need it, turn on the A/C!) We also should note that over the last few years, the Native American population of the low desert has created a substantial Casino community in and around the valley.


Want to visit now after your virtual tour? Below are links to hotels in the area and surrounding areas. The Palm Springs and Coachella Valley cities are tourist favorites because of the wonderful weather, beautiful and scenic nature, and the casinos. It is a good idea to have hotel reservations before coming. These links give good pricing range comparisons, specific time and date availability, as well as other useful general tourist and visitor information.

Palm Springs
Palm Desert
Desert Hot Springs
La Quinta
Rancho Mirage
Cathedral City

You may also want to see what is available at the "other, less well known" casino communities!

Las Vegas

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