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Thank you for visiting our site and seeking help from Computer Support Group and our online division, CSGNETWORK.COM. We are still supporting Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the primary browser; see more information about browsers here. The primary purpose of this site is to provide assistance, direction, information and reference material for students, formal or informal, of all ages. All content is family-safe. If you have the time, we would love to know if you found what you were looking for and if you got the help you needed. We would also like to know how you found us. Contact us... If you are looking for our Site Map, it is HUGE and takes a while (exceptionally long on dial-up...) to load. It only contains the major section pages but you can eventually get to all the pages through it.

In the early '90s, we were lucky to have 100 visitors a week to our site. The Internet was not really a big thing back then. In the last decade, that of course has changed. (Here is a list of the countries that our visitors have come from since 1/1/2000.) Hundreds of schools and universities now use the content on our site as part of their computer curriculum. On top of our extensive list of "calculators and converters" for different industries, CSGNetwork offers professional network setup and advice, Internet services, and data research. The advertisers that we allow are family values organizations only. They have values similar to ours and we endorse and use the services and products they supply. We strongly encourage you to support them as well. If you find our site useful and helpful to you, please refer it to a friend or associate. Many of our most active pages have links to send the page (or a link) to a friend. Need a different language? Try Babel on the CSGNetwork site.


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