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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This is designed to give the approximate loss factors in a circuit (AC or DC), including type of circuit, AWG (or KCMIL), amperage, length of circuit and type of conductor, for wire or circuit board. Enter the required data and click on Calculate. The results are returned as the estimated drop in voltage (the amount of voltage loss from original input in a conductor of given size and length), drop percentage, the load at most distant point in the circuit, and the conductor CMA. If you need to calculate the size of the wire, you might want to consider using our wire size calculator. We strongly suggest that you use the results here as they are intended, estimates. In the actual electronic and electrical tests in both commercial and residential, AC and DC applications, our calculations have been within one percent of the MEASURED voltage drop in every instance we have had the opportunity to check them. That track record is far better than the national code for acceptable deviation. As of 11/20/2006/ we have had two notes that implied that code formulae and practices, and our method for calculation were very different and yielded substantial differences. Although the notes did not say that they had MEASURED the voltage drop and that our calculations were incorrect, the implication was there. For the sake of prudence and in order to comply with national and local code, secure the services of a qualified professional in your area. As engineer for CSG, I have verified the calculations and formulae as correct, yielding good results. I have also added a conditions factor that takes ambient climate into effect. Most users will choose normal but options are there for better than normal, and two steps of worse than normal conditions.

Required Data Entry
Select Conditions
Select Material
Select Size
Select Voltage and Phase
Enter 1/2 Total Circuit Length Feet
Enter Load Amps

Calculated Results
Estimated Drop Volts
Load At Circuit End Volts
Voltage Drop Percentage
Conductor CMA
Updated: 7/13/11

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