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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The purpose of the calculator is to calculate the distance traveled, based on the distance of the average stride and the number of strides taken. It can be accurately used in walking or jogging sessions. This is the principle of the pedometer but is considerably more accurate than a distance measuring pedometer. Enter the AVERAGE length of your stride, taking into consideration the difference between being fresh and being tired; decimal values (such as 28.5 inches) are acceptable. We suggest that you take a one time measurement over 20 strides and measure it, then divide by 20, or 50 strides and divide by 50; enter that figure as your average stride. Take measurements from the back of one heel of your starting back foot to the back of the heel of the foot of your last stride. Select the designation (inches, mm, cm, dm) of your stride measurement and enter the number of strides. The actual figures may differ due to factors such as fatigue over long distances, causing the length of the stride to vary slightly, usually a little shorter. We strongly advise that you talk to your doctor before undertaking a challenging physical effort. Click on Calculate to get the results. You may also wish to see our Walk, Jog Or Run Pace Table, for additional information or our Walk, Jog Or Run Pace Calculator to determine pace. The distance you have traveled is returned in miles and kilometers. These figures are indicative of averages.

Stride Distance Calculator
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