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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The purpose of the calculator is to calculate the pace for a given distance, based on another measured time for a differing course distance. The actual figures may differ due to factors such as fatigue, age, heat and others. We strongly advise that you talk to your doctor before undertaking a challenging physical effort. Click on Calculate to get the results. You may also wish to see our Walk, Jog Or Run Pace Table, based on this calculated version. These figures are indicative of the pace for a distance based on the actual time and distance of a measured course, then calculated for other distances.

Run Or Walk Pace
Required Data Entry
Measured Course Distance Numeric Quantity
Measured Distance Designated Units
Measured Time Of Distance Hours Minutes Seconds

Calculated Results
Pace Per Mile : Minutes : Seconds
Pace Per Kilometer : Minutes : Seconds
Calculated Pace Miles Per Hour
Calculated Pace Kilometers Per Hour
Calculated Pace Meters Per Second
Updated: 7/28/11

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