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As of 4/24/02, we are beginning this new section of source code available software. As time permits, we will add to this list regularly. There will be NO support for items on this list. Use them at your own risk. As of 7/1/09, we are in a major update and rewrite of these 2000+ snippets.

Below is a list of math area related subroutines, routines, snippets and supporting source code based on potential usage in calculators, conversion charts and converter programs. All of the source files listed on this page can be used freely but we would like to have credit for the code. Unless otherwise noted, that is NOT the case for the balance of our site; unless stated otherwise, the content on our site is copyrighted intellectual material which is available for license but not for downloading with a fee. We have written these code snippets or provided these source code files for educational purposes and convenience. We have provided these due to the *THOUSANDS* of requests for programming help that we get. It is our contention that these files will answer 99% of the questions we get. You may need to do a little manual looking to find what you need but we feel that having seen a large cross section of questions over the years, these will resolve most problems. Following in that same pattern, we also do not have the time to help with programming projects that may stem from use of this code. We offer it free of charge but assume no liability for the use of it. We hope that you can get some help and education from these. We urge you to take the time to learn what each file does rather than just use it. Some are written only as demonstrations of programming techniques and others have highly functional uses. Stop in frequently as this list will be ongoing. What we have presented is probably not the ONLY way to accomplish the task; it is probably one of many and perhaps not the best for your need. It is however, A way. We have made no effort to clean these routines to be presentable; in fact in some cases, you may need to view the source code in order to use them as there may be no screen display. As of 7/1/09, we ARE making an effort to make these scripts and tutorial pages easier for novices. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have; it is because of many comments and requests that we ARE making them easier to use. Inside the text of the source code, there are instructions so that you can cut and paste. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

Acres To Hectares Converter
Acres To Square Feet Converter
Acres To Square Inches Converter
Acres To Square Kilometers Converter
Acres To Square Meters Converter
Acres To Square Miles Converter
Acres To Square Yards Converter
Acres and Square Feet Converter - Bi-Directional
Area Calculator #1
Area Calculator #2
Area Converter
Area Of An Ellipse
Area Of A Parabola
Area Of A Parallelogram
Area Of A Regular Polygon
Area Of A Square
Area Of A Trapezoid
Area Of A Triangle (Alternative Formula)
Area Of A Triangle (Conventional Formula)
Area Of A Triangle (Right)
Area Of Irregular Polygons (Formula)
Circular Mils To Square Mils
Hectares To Acres Converter
Square Mils To Circular Mils
US and Metric Area Converter
Acres to Ares
Acres to Centiares
Ares to Acres
Ares to Square Feet
Ares to Square Inches
Ares to Square Miles
Ares to Square Yards
Centiares to Acres
Centiares to Square Feet
Centiares to Square Inches
Centiares to Square Miles
Centiares to Square Yards
Centimeters to Square Feet
Centimeters to Square Inches
Centimeters to Square Miles
Centimeters to Square Yards
Dekameters to Square Feet
Dekameters to Square Inches
Dekameters to Square Miles
Dekameters to Square Yards
Decimeters to Square Feet
Decimeters to Square Inches
Decimeters to Square Yards
Decimeters to Square Miles
Normal Area
Square Feet to Acres
Square Feet to Ares
Square Feet to Centiares
Square Feet to Square Centimeters
Square Feet to Square Dekameters
Square Feet to Square Decimeters
Square Feet to Hectares
Square Feet to Hectometers
Square Feet to Square Kilometers
Square Feet to Square Meters
Square Feet to Square Millimeters
Square Hectares to Square Feet
Square Hectares to Square Inches
Square Hectares to Square Miles
Square Hectares to Square Yards
Square Hectometers to Square Feet
Square Hectometers to Square Inches
Square Hectometers to Square Yards
Square Inches to Acres
Square Inches to Ares
Square Inches to Centiares
Square Inches to Square Centimeters
Square Inches to Square Dekameters
Square Inches to Square Decimeters
Square Inches to Hectares
Square Inches to Hectometers
Square Inches to Kilometers
Square Inches to Square Miles
Square Inches to Square Millimeters
Square Kilometers Acres
Square Kilometers to Square Feet
Square Kilometers to Square Inches
Square Kilometers to Square Miles
Square Kilometers to Square Yards
Square Meters to Acres
Square Meters to Square Feet
Square Meters to Kilometers
Square Meters to Square Miles
Square Meters to Square Yards
Square Miles to Acres
Square Miles to Ares
Square Miles to Centiares
Square Miles to Square Dekameters
Square Miles to Square Decimeters
Square Miles to Hectares
Square Miles to Square Hectometers
Square Miles to Square Kilometers
Square Miles to Square Meters
Square Miles to Square Millimeters
Square Millimeters and Circular Mils - Bi-Directional Converter
Square Millimeters to Circular Mils
Square Millimeters to Square Feet
Square Millimeters to Square Inches
Square Millimeters to Square Yards
Square Millimeters to Square Miles
Square Units Calculator
Square Yards to Ares
Square Yards to Centiares
Square Yards to Square Centimeters
Square Yards to Square Dekameters
Square Yards to Square Decimeters
Square Yards to Hectares
Square Yards to Square Hectometers
Square Yards to Square Kilometers
Square Yards to Square Meters
Square Yards to Square Millimeters

last updated 11/14/10

All information on this site is copyrighted intellectual property of Computer Support Group (a California corporation) and CSGNetwork. All US and International copyright laws are in effect and applicable to the materials on this site. The script or HTML in the delivery box ON THIS PAGE has been released from the usage portion of our copyright. You may use this in any way you wish but we do require that you retain our commented information within the script and clearly place a link to our index page at CSGNetwork.Com. That link is provided in the delivery box code also. You may not use any information, graphics, text or intellectual property from anywhere on this site UNLESS the page specifically allows you to copy it from a delivery box, or supplies other download information. We accept no responsibility for accuracy, usability or how you actually use it on your page. The formulae information and subsequent results of all of our converters, calculators and tables is accurate to the best of our knowledge, though we cannot guarantee it. Use it at your own risk.

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